Data is issued by the Environment Agency through the National Packaging Waste Database. There is a KPI which sets out the data submission and release dates.

Dates for release:

Reprocessor/exporter data

  • Q1 - 22 April
  • Q2 - 22 July
  • Q3 - 22 October
  • Q4 - by 31 March

The EA now publish the monthly breakdown of quarterly data 2-3 weeks later after each date above.

Producer data

  • First cut - 15 May
  • Second cut - 12 August
  • Third cut - 11 November
  • Final - 31 March

Once published, these datasets are dynamically updated on NPWD at the links shown below.

It comes as two key datasets:

  • The demand side created by the sum of registered producer obligations. This is normally first published for the year by early May and is then automatically updated as producers register late or re-submit data.
  • The supply side is created by the amount of packaging material reprocessed and exported and is published quarterly, usually by 22nd of the month following a quarter. Once published, it is then automatically updated following any corrections.

EU packaging data can be found here. This gives a comparison across all member states up to 2012.