Compliance Health Check

The range of legislation that companies have to be aware of is complex and increasing. It is simply not enough to claim ignorance or to assume that once waste has passed to someone else, it is not your problem.

There are numerous prosecutions that demonstrate that as far as the enforcement bodies are concerned, every business has a duty to understand their obligations and to apply a Duty of Care all the way down the line.

The Health Check below applies 41 questions to your business. Once you complete it, you can print it off as a reminder or you can put comments in the box on any issues you want particular help with and submit it to us. We will either then help by email or suggest a visit.

Remember, ignorance is no defence.

Duty of Care
1 Is your waste securely stored in containers?
2 Is your waste collector a registered Waste Carrier?
3 Have you a valid transfer note for all waste collections including recycling?
4 Have you confirmed that the EWC code and waste description on the transfer note are correct?
5 Have you and the waste contractor signed the transfer note currently in use?
6 Do you keep copies of transfer notes for two years?
7 Does your waste meet the pre-treatment requirements?
8 If not, is it taken to a sorting facility that satisfies the pre-treatment requirement?
9 Other than food prepared for consumption on site, if your site produces raw meat waste, are you disposing of it under the Animal By-Products Regulations?
10 If you have gypsum/plasterboard waste, are you sure it is not going to landfill?
11 If you use a third party to organise any of your waste collections, are they a registered Waste Broker?
12 Have you checked that the disposal facilities your waste is taken to is correctly permitted?
13 If you produce more than 500kgs of hazardous waste, is your site registered with the EA?
14 Is all hazardous waste collected from your site covered by a consignment note?
15 Is the waste described correctly on the consignment note?
16 Are you sure no hazardous waste – such as fluorescent tubes, computer monitors and oily rags - is mixed in with your general waste?
17 If your lighting is managed by a lighting contractor, have you checked they are following the correct consignment procedures for fluorescent tubes?
18 If you are storing used fluorescent tubes for other sites, have you registered an exemption?
19 If you are dismantling waste electrical equipment or vehicles, does your site have an Environmental Permit?
Packaging Regulations
20 Does packaging you place onto the UK market meet the Essential Requirements for minimisation?
21 If your turnover in the previous year was greater than £2m, have you confirmed you did not place more that 50 tonnes of packaging on the market last year?
22 If you did, are you registered with an environmental Agency, either direct or through a Compliance Scheme?
23 If you are obligated, is your data ‘as accurate as reasonably possible’?
24 Have you checked your PRN costs to ensure they are competitive?
WEEE Regulations
25 Regardless of your turnover, do you manufacture, import or supply under own brand, any electrical products into the UK market?
If Yes
26 Are they marked with the crossed out wheelie bin symbol and bar?
27 Does the product show your company logo?
28 Are you registered with an approved compliance scheme?
29 Is your data ‘as accurate as reasonably possible’?
30 Are you confident that you are reporting products under the correct category?
31 Have you checked your compliance costs to ensure they are competitive?
If you sell electrical equipment of any sort or quantity for household use:
32 Are you displaying the correct WEEE information signage in store?
33 Have you registered with the Distributor Takeback Scheme?
34 If not, are you offering free in-store takeback to customers?
Batteries Regulations
35 Do you import portable batteries (eg AA, button etc) either stand alone or in products?
36 If yes, are you registered?
37 If you sell more than 32kgs/year of portable batteries for household or business use, are you aware that from 1 February, you must offer free take back?
38 Do you import industrial or automotive batteries either stand alone or in products?
39 If yes, are you registered?
40 If batteries are collected from you, are they covered by a consignment note?
41 Are you clear on the reporting requirements for batteries if you are a registered producer?

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