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  23rd March 2009  

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Interesting to note the change in hazardous waste exemption threshold. Whilst the government should be applauded for taking a common sense approach, you have to wonder what determined the 200kgs in the first place. Either it was done for good risk-based reasons - in which case, why the change - or it was done on the back of a fag packet. The fact that it will mean that the retail collection requirements under the proposed batteries regulations will not demand haz waste registration for retailers under this change might make one a bit cynical as to how some of these decisions are taken. And if they can change the threshold at the drop of a consultation hat, why can't they agree that mixed waste portable batteries are not classed as 'hazardous' like other EU member states, taking away for the need for them to be transported under ADR requirements?

Hazardous waste exemption threshold raised to 500kgs 19 MARCH 2009
Following a consultation earlier this year, the Hazardous Waste Regulations will be amended from 6 April to raise the threshold below which sites are exempt from registering from 200kgs to 500kgs per year.

Retailers claim assault and battery 19 MARCH 2009
Retailers have warned the government of their impending New Year nightmare when the new Batteries Regulations will require them to implement battery take back at what is not only their busiest time of year, but also the date the government intends to reverse the VAT cut.

Retailers launch new recycling label 19 MARCH 2009
A new, universal on-pack recycling label is being launched today by leading retailers. For the first time, it will provide customers with standardised information on whether packaging can be recycled. The single, industry-supported, label replaces the potentially confusing range of symbols previously used.

EU Commission confirms ban on filament bulbs 19 MARCH 2009
The EU Commission has confirmed new regulations that ban the sale of incandescent and low-efficiency halogen bulbs. From 2009, it will apply to bulbs of 100W output or more with all such bulbs then banned from 2012.

EU Parliament backs 'pollution' charge for trucks 18 MARCH 2009
Amid opposition from centre-right MEPs, the European Parliament has backed the EU executive in its call to allow national governments to charge heavy goods vehicles for the noise they make and the environmental pollution and congestion they cause.


These were actual 'positions wanted' adverts last week on www.gumtree.co.uk.

Hello to you! My name is Jonty. I am a keen naturist who also enjoys cleaning!
Cleaning is therapeutic to me and naturism is second nature?
I am a 38 year old with a bit of a belly but my height helps me hide that! even when undressed! So if you want someone who genuinely cleans, but likes to do it naked or in an apron then I'm your man.
Don't hessitate to mail me, I can give out a number. But Please be seriouse in your enquiry> My rates are £10 per hour. Paid on arrival
Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks Jonty

Hi ! My name is Romeu, I'm an art student from Portugal who quit college, and came to London to persuit the dream of becoming a tattoo artist.
At the moment I have no job but I would like to get in touch with the tattoo world here in London whatever the position in the studio or store. Cleaning floors, receptionist or apprentice.
I've already got tattoo experience, two pigs legs and a friends leg :) .
If necessary I can send my portfolio or go to the shop.
I am confident in my drawing skills and I commit myself to do whatever it takes to reach my goal (working hard).
If posible or necessary I would also like to learn how to pierc.

My spoken English is fluent and my writting skills as well.

I am available at any time, and look forward to hear from you.

Newspaper clipping

A patient who attacked a doctor with a dustbin complained that his right to privacy was breached when he was arrested. Martin Byrne, 45, flew into a rage when Dr Herendra Patel, a GP in Hackney, E. London, refused to sign his claim for incapacity benefit, pointing out that he was in good health. Byrne smashed a cup of tea on the doctor's head and then belaboured him with a set of scales and a dustbin. When the police came to arrest him, he protested: "Whatever happened to doctor-patient confidentiality?"