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  11th April 2011  

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Defra website changes break existing page links 11 APR
Defra have been making changes to their website. It the best traditions of 'Yes, Minister' it means that previous links are now useless.

CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme (Amendment) Order 2011 comes into force 6 APR
The Amending Regulations applying the Coalition changes to the CRC scheme have now come into force.


RCN claims over classification of waste costs NHS £5.5m/year
EA publish new Environmental Permitting Odour Management Guidance
HSE publish new accident statistics data management tool
EC publishes report on Plastic in the Environment
Carbon Trust publish SME Green Growth Guide
ECHA publishes new REACH labelling and packaging guidance
WBCSD publish Guide to Corporate Ecosystem Valuation
E-World Online launch downstream WEEE recycling audit programme
WEEE Forum members agree pan-European standards on WEEE collection, treatment and recycling
EuP Document issued on possible Regulation for Boilers
LGA claim that waste food and drink cost £13.7bn in 2010
Supermarkets agree to take back plastic film in-store
UK taken to Court by EC over high cost of challenging decisions on the environment
New Civil Sanctions regime under threat after blasting by Minister
Latest Resource Management and Recovery Magazine published

New Consultations - No new releases - previous ones here.

Events - Details here

24th - 27th May - Waste-to-resources - Cologne, Germany
14-16 June - CIWM/ESA Annual Conference - London
13-15 September - RWM (in partnership with CIWM) Exhibition - Birmingham

Prosecutions - details here (including all previous ones)

EA - RFE International fitness equipment company fined £15k for packaging offences - 4 Apr
EA - Somerset waste company fined paltry £5k for repeated waste offences - 8 Apr


The prices below are an indication of available spot prices for 2011 PRNs (last week in brackets) taking commission into account. PRN price history shown here.
The release of the final 2010 data appears to have had no impact on the market. Q1 2011 data is due to be published 22 April and presumably, people are waiting until then, particularly for glass.

Material   2011 prices
Paper   1.50-2
Glass   11-13
Aluminium   15-17
Steel   7-9
Plastic   3-5
Wood   1.50-2
Net recycling   1.50-2.50
Net recovery   0.5-1

360 Environmental

Training Courses - two new courses available. See website for details.
11th May - General Waste Legislation
12th May - Hazardous Waste

The Wastesupport website now has D&R Codes and the new Hazard Codes displayed.


A man walks into the council office, & says to the Customer Service Officer: "I would like to put my name forward for the forthcoming elections to be a councillor. I need some practice for becoming a member of parliament"
The receptionist replied "Certainly sir Please fill in this form."
As he was filling in the form he came to the question - Are you c1rcumcised? So he asked the receptionist - "Is that question necessary?"
She replied "If you are c1rcumcised you are not eligible."
He asked what difference it would make if he was circumcised?
She replied "To become a member of parliament you have to be a complete p*ick."

Newspaper clipping

Unfortunately, the sight of dozens of trainee solicitors arriving for work in “very short skirts” did not fill senior partners with the joys of spring. After several complaints about the amount of flesh on show, an email was sent to the company’s 105 trainees reminding them of the sartorial standards expected by their employer — one of the five leading firms in the City known as the “Magic Circle”.
Women were told to increase the lengths of their skirts and reduce the height of their heels or face “uncomfortable discussions” with the human resources department. “We’ve been asked to draw your attention to the fact that HR have received numerous complaints about the way female trainees have been dressing around the office,” stated the email from Allen & Overy’s trainee solicitor liaison committee.
It went on: “The main problem seems to be very short skirts and high heels and generally looking like we’re going clubbing instead of to the office. HR would like this to be addressed asap so they don’t have to have uncomfortable discussions with individuals about it, especially as we’re now getting into summer and are more likely to be wearing less as it gets hotter!”