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  4th July 2011  

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NEXT TRAINING COURSE - General Waste Legislation - 27th July - Leicester

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WEEE recycling company prosecuted for incorrect returns and consignment note codes 4 JULY
A Somerset WEEE recycling company has been fined £1500 and ordered to pay £2000 in costs for failing to submit the correct quarterly returns and using incorrect EWC codes on consignment notes.

Waste Review Action Plan 29 JUNE
As a follow up to the Waste Review, Defra have published an Action Plan summarising the proposed actions that arise from the Review.


  1. July Resource Management and Recovery published
  2. Welsh municipal recycling rate hits 44%
  3. Recast RoHS Directive published
  4. EA notice on 30 June states still unable to publish final waste batteries data for 2010
  5. NI Executive launch new online Environmental Permit application system
  6. Companies House returns to require SIC 2007 from 1 Oct 2011
  7. Lord Smith re-appointed as Chairman of EA for further 3 years
  8. ECHA reports claim REACH is working well
  9. DECC reveals plans to streamline CRC
  10. EU launch new web tool showing how much EU spends in each country and on what
  11. EU publish 'farm to fork' food statistics
  12. EU publish electricity production and supply statistics
  13. Latest Landfill Tax stats show continued decline in standard rate inputs
  14. DECC publish Energy Statistics
  15. Labour criticises 'lack of ambition on recycling'
  16. WRAP launches new Waste Prevention Loan Fund to encourage business models making better use of resources
  17. HSE statistics shows threefold increase in waste industry fatalities in 2010
  18. German report 'Agriculture and the Environment' available in English
  19. New EEA report highlights connectivity between global issues
  20. US documentary video - The Story of Trash. Interesting
  21. EA publish 'Delayed amendments to the Exemptions system'
  22. EA issue Guidence on definition of 'place' in Exemptions
  23. NIEA publish Guide to Hazardous Waste Regs for NI
  24. Clarification by EC allows WTE plants to be considered recovery rather than disposal

New Consultations - no new ones - previous ones here.

Events - Details here

5-6 July - Carpet Recycling UK Annual Conference - Birmingham 
14 July - National Recycling Awards - London
13-15 September - Recycling and Waste Management Exhibition (in partnership with CIWM) Exhibition - Birmingham

Prosecutions - details here (including all previous ones)

EA - Returns and consignment note failures costs Somerset WEEE Recycling company £3.5k - 30 Jun
EA - Illegal Lincs scrap yard owner gets jail term and £700k forfeit - 27 Jun


The prices below are an indication of available spot prices for 2011 PRNs (last week in brackets). PRN price history shown here.  
The next data due is the Q2 recycling data that should be published on 22 July.



2011 prices









6-8 (8-10)



4.50-6.50 (5-7)







Net recycling



Net recovery



360 Environmental

The recent warning by the Environment Agency that waste facilities must stick to their Environmental Permit limits has highlighted the need for sites to be more aware of their compliance position.

360 Environmental has a range of services to help including:

  • Site compliance audits 
  • On-going compliance management support
  • Permitting and Planning expertise

Please contact us for more details.


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