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  1st August 2011  

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NEXT TRAINING COURSE - General Waste Legislation - 7th September - Leicester


EA follows SEPA in teaming up with Crimestoppers
Orgalime publish RoHS Guide
EuP Working Documents for possible Commission regulation on Network Standby
New Energy Information Regulations 2011 came into force 20 July
Tighter EU rules on industrial creosote use
EU Municipal Waste Statistics show strong UK reduction performance
Intense price competition for WEEE in German treatment market
Latest Landfill Tax stats show continued decline in standard rate vs 2010
DECC publish Digest of UK Energy Statistics 2011
WRAP report shows increase in carrier bag use
Lord Henley criticises retailers over carrier bags
WRAP publish latest Gate Fees report
RPC publish opinion on Cleaner Road Transport Vehicles Regs 2011
Nestle's Kit Kat factory achieves Zero to Landfill
WAMITAB advise people to book for Continued Competence Test
96% of used tyres treated in Europe in 2010
DCLG publish Land Use Change Statistics 2010
Details of Chinese waste import restrictions revealed
Man arrested for illegal dumping of 5,000 tonnes of tyres in a warehouse
ESA develop Competence Management Scheme as alternative to WAMITAB

New Consultations - more information here. (no new consultations this week)

Events - Details here

13-15 September - Recycling and Waste Management Exhibition (in partnership with CIWM) Exhibition - Birmingham
19-20 September - Energy from Waste Conference - London
5-6 October - Scottish Waste and Resources Conference  - Glasgow
16-17 November - EEE and the Environment 2011 - Heathrow

Prosecutions - details here (including all previous ones)

EA - Cricklade skip operator ordered to pay £10k for illegal transfer station - 27 Jul
HSE - Greenway Environmental and Pakawaste fined £224k for aerosol explosion - 28 Jul
HSE - Salisbury skip company fined £150k for death caused by exploding tyre - 25 Jul


The prices below are an indication of available spot prices for 2011 PRNs (last week in brackets). PRN price history shown here.  
The next data due is the Q3 recycling data that should be published on 22 October.



2011 prices












4-6 (4.50-6.50)







Net recycling



Net recovery



Material Prices (last weeks prices in brackets if changed)

Corrugated cardboard - £135
Newspapers and magazines - £130
Soft mix (household card, paper etc) - £124
Office paper - £165


A woman was sipping  a glass of wine, while sitting on the patio with her husband and she says, "I love you so much, I don't know how I could ever live without you"....Her husband says, "Is that you or the wine talking?"...

She replies, "It's me...talking to the wine".

Newspaper clipping

By day, he is a mild-mannered gardener but, when night falls, teenager Roger Hayhurst turns into crime-fighting superhero Knight Warrior. The 19-year-old has spent the last ten months walking the streets of Salford, Greater Manchester, breaking up fights and tackling bad behaviour. Mr Hayhurst, who wears a custom-made £200 blue-and-black Lycra costume – which his mum helped him buy from a firm in America – says his only special power is a supernatural desire to make the world a better place.
‘When people see me coming up, it does tend to stun them into silence,’ he said. ‘I just carry on trying to get them to calm down, and eventually most of them do. If I think things are getting a bit hairy, I just back off and phone the police. They know what I am doing and have been very kind to me. Some of my friends think I am a bit odd.'