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  17th October 2011  

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NEXT TRAINING COURSES - Hazardous Waste - 26th October - London, Packaging Waste -1st December - Sileby.

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Scotland refines Zero Waste Regulations following consultation 17 OCTOBER
The Scottish Government has published a Policy Statement detailing the changes proposed to the Zero Waste Regulations following consultation.

EA publish list of Civil Sanctions approvals 12 OCTOBER
The Environment Agency now publish the list of companies that have successfully applied for Enforcement Undertakings for Packaging offences under the Civil Sanctions Regulations as an alternative to prosecution.

What EWC Code should you use for Dry Mixed Recyclables (DMR)? 10 OCTOBER
The EA have clarified the position on the EWC code to use for the now commonplace 'dry mixed recyclables' containers.


  1. Closed Suffolk CA sites re-open on commercial basis
  2. Latest EA Netregs Update
  3. EU Environment Committee vote for 85% WEEE collection target by 2016
  4. EEA publish Opportunities from Municipal Waste Management
  5. Latest Resource Management and Recovery published
  6. NI municipal recycling rate rises to 42%
  7. ONS statistics show that W Midlands burns the most waste
  8. EA extends deadline for exempt composting sites to apply for Environmental Permits
  9. UK biomass and biogas carbon calculator unveiled
  10. EA publish WEEE AIWOLG Sept meeting Minutes
  11. 'Dirty trade' challenges EU vision of recycling society
  12. DECC publish interactive map of Renewables Generation Sites
  13. Nationwide Recycling fraud case in court
  14. European Commission launches campaign on resource efficiency
  15. Volume of waste imported by Germany is four times what they export
  16. EU considers rules for recycling of electric car batteries
    Defra publish Environmental Permitting Guidance on:
  17. Large Combustion Plants Directive
  18. Waste Incineration Directive
  19. Waste Batteries and Accumulators Directive
  20. Solvent Emissions Directive
  21. Mining Waste Directive
  22. Scrap-Ex Recyclable Material Price Bulletin

New Consultations - previous ones here.

Defra - Local Authority Environmental Regulation of Industrial Plant: 2012/13 Fees and Charges - closes 23 Dec
EA - Groundwater Protection - Principles and Practice - 23 Dec

Events - Details here

19-20 October - LARA Conference - Kenilworth
16-17 November - EEE and the Environment 2011 - Heathrow

Prosecutions - details here (including all previous ones)

EA - Hull man gets suspended sentence for illegal scrap vehicle handling - 6 Oct
EA - Illegal waste exports cost two companies £23k - 6 Oct
EA - Incorrect slurry handling and smells costs pig farm £22.5k - 5 Oct
EA - Bradford man fined £2.5k for illegal scrapyard - 3 Oct


The prices below are an indication of available spot prices for 2011 PRNs (last week in brackets). PRN price history shown here.  
The next data due is the Q3 recycling data that should be published on 22 October.



2011 prices



















Net recycling



Net recovery




360 Environmental Training Courses

We are now running courses in the London next to Victoria Station as well as our Sileby office in Leics. The current programme is as follows:

Course Leics London
Hazardous Waste 11th October 26th October
Packaging Regulations 1st December 8th December

More details and booking arrangements are available here.


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