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  26th October 2012  

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Location - Sileby Leics, £150 per person

Hazardous waste - 15th November
Packaging Waste Regulations - 5 December and 9 January

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Important Guidance for businesses that operate in Scotland in applying both Duty of care requirements and the Waste Regulations 2012 separate collection requirements.
The Home Office finally issued Guidance on how scrap metal dealers should implement the requirements of the new cash ban, but the definition of scrap metal suggests it should also apply to WEEE.
Agency achieves successful prosecution of householder operating illegal waste site by taking in scrap wood to make hutches and firewood.
Low glass recycling figures prompt fears that for the first time ever, there will not be sufficient PRNs to meet the targets.
The Environment Agency warns exporters about recent changes that are being implemented by some of the key export markets.
DirectGov and Business Link sites have been replaced by a new site designed to simplify and streamline information supply to individuals and businesses.
Scotland have got ahead of England on the introduction of a MRF Code of Practice designed to improve recyclate quality.
The Environment Agency has issued clarification on their position relating to a recent European ruling on the completion of export Annex VII documents.
EA data indicates the split of glass processing activity in readiness for the new packaging regulation target requirements next year. 

  1. Councils shun the Pickles weekly bin collection fund
  2. New data will show carbon footprint of council recycling activity from November
  3. Latest quarterly UK energy statistics
  4. EA offers nature and heritage screening service for Environmental Permits
  5. First year of Welsh bag levy sees 96% fall in bag use
  6. Controlled Waste (England and Wales) Amendment Regulations in force 7 October
  7. WRAP claims Courtauld Commitment phase 2 targets well on track
  8. EA publishes guidance on approach to local authority planning consultations for permits
  9. Judicial Review hearing into comingled collection expected in February
  10. Scottish Government outlines plans for replacement of landfill tax in 2015
  11. Europe recycles over 70% of paper in 2011
  12. MRF Code of Practice expected to be mandatory for England, but no targets
  13. Coca Cola recycles 10.5m plastic bottles from Olympics
  14. Plastic bottle collection rates reach 52%
  15. Defra consider plastic bag charge
  16. Nationwide Recycling convicted of PRN fraud
  17. Malaysian government bans import of plastic waste
  18. WRAP Hospitality and Food service voluntary agreement gets over 100 signatories
  19. Waste prevention and reuse set to dominate industry agenda
  20. EA Regulatory Position Statement (RPS) - Agricultural waste exemptions
  21. EA RPS - Regulating businesses that have bought a site operating under an exemption
  22. EA RPS - update on end of waste protocols
  23. EA RPS - temporary storage of flytipped and litter bin waste
  24. EA RPS - update on hazardous waste premises notification
  25. EA RPS - small scale treatment of waste by pyrolysis/gasification at the place of production
  26. Latest Resource Management and Recovery magazine
  27. New report shows UK amongst the worst in Europe for plastics recovery and recycling
  28. Revised Standard Rules Permit for on farm anaerobic digestion facility
  29. EA updates list of environmental legislation
  30. WRAP updates Guidance on good WEEE practice
  31. EA confirm that leaf litter is waste
  32. New body to replace Environment Agency Wales announced
  33. EA crackdowns in London, Yorkshire and Somerset lead to arrests
  34. Largest ever EA hazardous waste raids lead to arrests

New Consultations - no new ones - previous ones here. 

EA - Building a better environment: Our role in development and how we can help - closes 19 Oct

Events - Details here

13th November - What a waste! Textile and clothing recycling innovation - Manchester

Prosecutions - details here (including all previous ones)

EA - Leics man pays £6.7k for operating illegal waste site from home - 18 Oct
EA - Illegal movement of waste and odour problems costs Think Environmental £48k - 1 Oct
EA - Teale Waste Management ordered to pay £20k for failing to comply with Permitting regulations - 26 Sep
EA - Illegal waste site costs Bromsgrove man £24k - 25 Sep
EA - Aerial photo leads to Boston site being fined £26k for burning waste - 24 Sep
EA - Pair ordered to pay £16k for illegal oil waste collection and storage - 24 Sep
SEPA - £400 fine for illegal waste site - 26 Sep
NIEA - £23k confiscation order for illegal waste activity - 19 Oct
NIEA - £900 fine for illegal lorry breaker - 19 Oct
NIEA - £30k fine for illegal disposal - 9 Oct
NIEA - £120k confiscation order for Mayobridge recycling company - 24 Sep
NIEA - Country Waste Management fined £20k for transfer station failings - 10 Oct
NIEA - JFC Plastics ordered to pay £240k in fines and costs over workers death - 28 Sep


The prices below are an indication of available spot prices for 2012 PRNs with the previous newsletter price in brackets (if different).
PRN price history shown here.  
With the publication of Q3 (see story above), it is clear that glass PRNs will not be getting any cheaper, but there has been very little trading recently. In contrast, switch to an expected surplus of plastics has seen the price fall although given next year's challenges, it is felt unlikely these will fall further. Steel has gone up further on another poor quarter, but it is staying relatively steady. 



2012 prices






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Net recycling



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Just a reminder that we can provide a range of waste compliance support including:

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Details are generally on the website, but if you would like more information, please contact Phil Conran.


Bob was excited about his new rifle and decided to try bear hunting. He travelled up to Alaska, spotted a small brown bear and shot it. Soon after there was a tap on his shoulder, and he turned around to see a big black bear.
The black bear said, “That was a very bad mistake. That was my cousin. I’m going to give you two choices. Either I maul you to death or I have my way with you.”
After considering briefly, Bob decided to accept the latter alternative. So the black bear had his way with Bob. Even though he felt sore for two weeks, Bob soon recovered and vowed revenge. He headed out on another trip to Alaska where he found the black bear and shot it dead. Right after, there was another tap on his shoulder. This time a huge grizzly bear stood right next to him.
The grizzly said, “That was a big mistake, Bob. That was my cousin and you’ve got two choices: Either I maul you to death or I have my way with you.” Again, Bob thought it was better to cooperate with the grizzly bear than be mauled to death. So the grizzly had his way with Bob.
Although he survived, it took several months before Bob fully recovered. Now Bob was completely outraged, so he headed back to Alaska and managed to track down the grizzly bear and shoot it. He felt sweet revenge, but then, moments later, there was a tap on his shoulder. He turned around to find a giant polar bear standing there. The polar bear looked at him and said, “Admit it Bob, you don’t come here for the hunting, do you?”
Newspaper clipping
A New York state strip club has been told it cannot avoid tax - because its lap dances are not culturally enriching. The Nite Moves club in Albany had argued that it should not have to pay sales tax under a performing arts exemption. But the state's supreme court ruled narrowly - by a margin of four to three - against the petition. The majority of judges said the taxes applied to businesses in the entertainment industries, such as amusement parks and sports events. Nite Moves had not sufficiently proved that its activities were "promoting cultural and artistic performances in local communities", they added. But some justices noted there was no legal distinction between "highbrow dance and lowbrow dance", and the case raised "significant constitutional problems". Lawyers representing the club said their client was very disappointed by the court's ruling. "We thought they were listening, and some of them were," said lawyer W Anderson McCullough.
Local tax officials maintained that the strip club did not qualify under the current exemptions for dramatic and performing arts.

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