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  5th May 2009  

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The main event last week was the quietly published new Defra Guidance for Duty of Care. Elsewhere:

  • The Welsh Assembly unveiled a consultation on their waste strategy to 2050, applying a 70% recycling target for both municipal and industrial/commercial waste by 2025.
  • The Scottish Government has issued a consultation on how Scotland should adapt to climate change.
  • The European Recycling Agency has published a report on recycling levels across Europe.
  • Defra have published a UK Pollutant Release and Transfer website that will monitor the UK's polution performance.
  • The EA have issued their draft Corporate Strategy through to 2015 for consultation.
  • WRAP have issued a report into the worldwide use of crumbed rubber asphalt. Essential reading.
  • The Carbon Accounting Regulations have been published - presumambly someone somewhere understands them.

360 News

Revised Duty of Care Guidance published 3 MAY 2009
Defra have published a comprehensive revised Guidance document on the requirements of Duty of Care. This is not a revised Duty of Care. Defra have stated that they are making no substantive changes to the Duty although some paperwork amendments will be published later this year. However, the Guidance makes some important clarifications including the fact that all WEEE Compliance Schemes must register as Brokers.

WEEE Judicial Review date set 28 APRIL 2009
The date for the start of the Judicial Review brought by Repic into the implementation of the WEEE Regulations has been set for 9 June and is expected to last for 3 days.


Some new corporate language

  • Meeting moth – executive who flits from meeting to meeting but does nothing useful
  • Empty suit – a 'yes' man who fancies himself as a leader. He has little talent and no opinions but crawls to superiors well and plays office politics with great skill
  • Director of First Impressions – the receptionist
  • Percussive maintenance – the practice of hitting something to make it work
  • Ubiquity factor – the tendency for certain people to succeed simply by always showing up
  • Beverage leadership – the person who makes the coffee in the office
  • Greenwash – the art of touting environmental credentials to deflect attention from other less attractive aspects of a company
  • Bloatation – the art of hiring lots of useless senior staff immediately prior to going bust

News clipping

Drivers of expensive cars are more likely to have an affair, according to a new poll. The illicitencounters.com website, which describes itself as the UK's largest extra-marital dating site, conducted a survey of its members. It found that 20.9% drove a high-ranking executive car. This included 16 Bentley owners, 31 Porsche owners, five Aston Martin owners and 135 BMW owners. And while the adulterers said their own car was important to them, only 19% admitted to being interested in their lovers' cars. Sara Hartley, spokesperson for the site, said: "Many of those actively seeking an affair tend to be go getters, which is reflected in their choice of car and their chosen profession. They are often conspicuous consumers."
Biffa are clearly taking a moral lead with their new car policy.