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  23rd November 2012  

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Packaging Waste Regulations - 5 December and 9 January.

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Publication of the first full quarter of landfill input tonnage since the fines furore has given the first real insight into the impact.
Latest statistics show increased waste to energy and slow down in recycling.
Uncertainty over the causes of the sharp downturn in glass recycling have raised the question as to whether the UK will not only fail to meet domestic targets, but also EU glass recycling targets.
Guidance from the EA allows bakery waste to be removed from a manufacturing site as product.
Report shows the scale of regulated sites and the sustainability issues that relate to them.

  1. EU Commission published Waste Prevention Guidance
  2. EA issue Regulatory Position Statement on fly-tipped waste storage
  3. EEA publish report into EU waste exports
  4. New report shows UK to be amongst worst in EU for plastics recovery
  5. WRAP publishes Guidance on 'Recycling on the Go'
  6. NI Municipal Waste statistics Q2 2012
  7. Consultation on future funding proposals for SEPA
  8. EA warn of risk of fines if de-registered waste companies in W.Yorkshire are used
  9. Herts Waste wood fire firm has history of offences
  10. Welsh municipal waste recycling jumps 3% to 53%
  11. EEA Country Fact Sheets on EU Member waste policies
  12. Hampshire poised to become first Zero Waste to Landfill County
  13. EA update glass melt/aggregates split to show Q3
  14. EA publish RPS on use of tyres for civil engineering and landfill infrastructure works
  15. EA update Position on waste portable batteries delivered to a collection point
  16. EA RPS on disposal of infected trees and plants
  17. EU publishes packaging data for member states for 2010
  18. BIS publish new Guidance Notes on RoHS
  19. WRAP update Landfill Ban Feasibility Report
  20. WRAP launches second round of reuse and repair grants up to £50k
  21. WRAP publish new HWRC Guidance
  22. Latest Resource Management and Recovery Magazine

New Consultations - previous ones here. 

Defra - Local Authority Environmental Regulation of Industrial Plant - 2013/14 fees - closes 18 Jan 
SEPA - Future funding arrangements for SEPA - closes 4 Jan 
NIEA - Permitted Development for Agricultural Buildings and AD Plants - closes 18 Jan 
NIEA - Revising NI Waste Management Strategy - closes 18 Jan 

Events - Details here

27 November - Working Together: Meeting Packaging Waste Targets in 2013 - London

Prosecutions - details here (including all previous ones)

EA - Two skip hire companies in Barnsley have permits revoked - 22 Nov
EA - Repeat illegal tipping offender jailed for a year - 16 Nov
EA - Poor security at disposal site costs potteries firm £20k - 16 Nov
EA - £400 in fines and £3.4k costs for not having carriers registration - 6 Nov
EA - Kent firm Countrystyle Recycling gets £234k fine for illegal tipping of screening fines - 1 Nov 
EA - RRR Recycling in Essex ordered to pay £2k for illegal storage - 31 Oct
EA - Five companies and individuals fined £8k for illegal dumping - 31 Oct
NIEA - Transco Waste fined £6k for illegal waste storage - 20 Nov
NIEA - £200 fine for not having waste carriers licence - 20 Nov
NIEA - Car repair firm fined £300 for allowing unauthorised dealer to remove scrap - 12 Nov


The prices below are an indication of available spot prices for 2012 PRNs with the previous newsletter price in brackets (if different).
PRN price history shown here.  
Plastic recycling tonnages continue to rise forcing PRN prices lower and leading to more optimistic expectations for 2013.
Glass continues to confound the market although there are reports of large scale sales of poor quality MRF glass by waste companies that might push Q4 to close to meeting targets.
And the pressure seems to be coming off steel with expectations of a final surplus.  



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