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  17th September 2013  

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BIS is now expected to issue their response to the WEEE Consultation in early October.

We are planning a half day seminar in mid-October to go through their proposed changes to the WEEE Regulations and how it will affect the different sectors.

This will be in the Leicester area and cost a maximum of £150/head. If you are interested in attending this, please email Phil Conran for more details as we firm this up.

360 News articles

England to introduce plastic bag levy 16 SEPTEMBER

Haz waste WM2 update applies some significant changes 16 SEPTEMBER

BIS letter to small WEEE producers suggests de minimis changes likely 13 SEPTEMBER

HMRC publishes guidance on inert determination 10 SEPTEMBER

Defra response to the Producer Responsibility Coherence Review 10 SEPTEMBER

Waste producer prosecuted for allowing illegal disposal 6 SEPTEMBER

EA issues warning and guidance to Permitted sites on fire prevention 6 SEPTEMBER

Q2 Batteries data shows continued growth in disparity 6 SEPTEMBER

EA castigated in Lords motion 5 SEPTEMBER

Glass targets likely to change 3 SEPTEMBER

Defra concludes Site Waste Management Plans should be scrapped 30 AUGUST

Landfill Tax figures show big jump in Exempt inputs 23 AUGUST

BIS publishes summary of WEEE consultation responses 19 AUGUST

  1. 360 article: Circular Economy vs waste legislation
  2. First carton recycling plant opens
  3. Rochford tops recycling league table with 66.78%
  4. Street sweepings too contaminated to produce compost
  5. DCLG issues planning guidance to LAs to reduce 'bin blight'
  6. Defra publishes Waste Management Plan for England
  7. Ireland drops idea of packaging tax and deposit scheme
  8. NI drops plans to increase bag tax
  9. WRAP launches Re-use Standard consultation
  10. Nationwide campaign starts in Scotland to highlight Zero Waste Regulations
  11. WRAP publishes Gate Fees Report 2013
  12. ESA Resource Management and Recovery September magazine
  13. SEPA publishes Compliance Assessment Scheme for 2012
  14. German Federal Environment Agency commissions built in obsolescence study
  15. EEA publishes Global Megatrends Report
  16. Birmingham City Council to campaign for Sky Lanterns ban
  17. Scottish Carrier Bag Charge Regs put before Scottish Parliament
  18. Pubs and clubs claimed to be worst at recycling
  19. Scotland considering deposit system
  20. NI bag scheme sees 80% fall in carrier bag use
  21. DIY sector reports 83% reduction in waste to landfill and 25% reduction in packaging
  22. BIS announce change to TUPE rules

New Consultations - details here. 

Welsh Government - Waste Guidance - 3rd stage consultation - closes 4 October
HMRC - Guidance on inert determination - closes 20 October

Events - details here

26 Sep - H&S in Waste Management conference - Stockport
16 Oct - LARAC Conference - Nottingham
13 Nov - ERA EEE Conference - Heathrow Marriott

Prosecutions - details here (including all previous ones)

EA - Illegal tipping of ~ 3k tonnes of waste on farmland costs farmer £10k - 11 Sep
EA - Medical waste dumped on farmland costs farm owner £5k - 11 Sep
EA - Waste producer and spreader fined ~£30k for illegal disposal - 6 Sep
EA - Bucks scrap dealer ordered to pay £9.2k for not complying with Permit - 4 Sep
EA - Illegal waste on N Devon farm costs farmer £6k - 30 Aug
EA - 116m long 'bonfire night' fire leads to £28k fine for Norfolk firewood merchant - 29 Aug
EA - Illegal storage of ~14k tyres incineration activities costs Ludlow farmer £27k - 28 Aug
EA - Soham man ordered to pay £2.7k for carrying scrap with no Carriers Licence - 20 Aug
EA - Illegal burning of waste costs Cheltenham man £3k + 240 hours community work - 19 Aug
SEPA - Kilmarnock farming business fined £2.2k for dumping waste - 30 Aug
SEPA - Scotgen (Dumfries) Ltd EfW plant permit revoked - 27 Aug
HSE - Firm fined after worker hit by falling skip - 10 Sep
HSE - Preston Plastics fined after bale topples onto worker - 28 Aug


The prices below are an indication of available spot prices for 2013 PRNs with the previous newsletter price in brackets (if different). Next recycling data is due 22 October. 

Paper - £1
Glass Melt - £72 (£70)
Glass (aggregates) - £45 (£43)
Aluminium - £6 (£7)
Steel - £7
Plastic - £65
Wood - £1.50
Net recycling - £1
Net recovery - £0.30

360 Environmental Ltd

Just a reminder that we can provide a range of waste compliance support including:

  • Permitting and Planning
  • Environmental Management Systems including 14001
  • Competence Management System (alternative to WAMITAB)
  • Compliance audits and due diligence
  • ABTO, AATF, AE accreditation
  • TFS
  • On site training

Details are generally on the website, but if you would like more information, please contact Phil Conran.


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The audience was different each week so the magician did the same tricks over and over again. 
There was only one problem: The captain's parrot saw the shows each week and began to understand how the Magician did every trick.
Once he understood, he started shouting in the middle of the show, "Look, It’s not the same hat!" or, "Look, he's hiding the flowers under the table!" Or "Hey, why are all the cards the ace of spades?" 
The magician was furious but couldn't do anything. It was, after all, the Captain's' parrot. 
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They stared at each other with hatred, but did not utter a word. 
This went on for a day... And then 2 days. And then 3 days. Finally on the 4th day, the parrot could not hold back any longer and said.... 
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Newspaper clipping
The London Fire Brigade has blamed 50 Shades of Grey for a rise in "unusual incidents". Crews have released 79 people from handcuffs - usually in their bedrooms - in the past three years. "We've even been called out to rescue a man whose parts were stuck in a toaster", said third officer Dave Brown. "The mind boggles. We're an emergency service and should be used as such."

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