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  1st April 2014  

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  1. Is the PRN past its sell-by date?
  2. Commons Select Committee to look at waste management in England
  3. Latest Resource Management and Recovery Magazine
  4. MEPs vote for 80% plastic bag reduction by 2019
  5. Defra publishes FoI response listing all waste treatment facilities
  6. Waste crime report suggests £570m lost annually through illegal activities
  7. SEPA report widespread compliance with new Scottish Waste Regulations
  8. EA appealing for information after 3000m3 waste dumped in warehouse
  9. UK Municipal Waste recycling well above EU average
  10. WRAP issue report on surplus food distribution
  11. WRAP and Valpak to work together on market flows for metals and plastic packaging
  12. Sustainable Clothing Action Plan pledges 15% reduction in clothing environmental impact
  13. Defra/EA has published a range of position statements - links are here.
    • Disposing of tyres
    • Standard rules: Environmental permitting
    • Basic rules: Environmental permitting regulatory positions
    • Collection and storage of mixed fuel
    • Combustion plant burning biogas derived from anaerobic digestion of sewage sludge on
    • sewage treatment works
    • Seeding of anaerobic digestion plants
    • Collecting and storing sewage at marinas and lock sites
    • Storage of food waste intended for recovery
    • Environmental permits for ‘orphan’ waste treatment plants
    • Burning dunnage
    • Leaving asbestos pipe in excavations
    • Deposit and dewatering of non-hazardous silts
    • Disposal of septic tank and cesspool sludge
    • Permitting of air separation units
    • Burial of rodents poisoned on farmland
    • Burning of waste on campfires and bonfires
    • Effect of exemptions review on Environment Agency low risk positions
    • Temporary secure storage of fly-tipped waste
    • Storage of waste aerosol containers
    • Using treated asphalt waste
    • Temporary storage of contaminated waste waters from gas pipelines
    • Managing concrete wash waters on construction sites
    • Civil engineering activities involving grouts or other media
    • Treatment of liquid crystal display units
    • Treating solid waste from composting toilets
    • Use of auxiliary (back up) flares
    • Crushing of fluorescent tubes at WEEE collection points
    • Use of up flow anaerobic sludge blanket anaerobic digestion systems
    • Waste collection authorities: contingency planning
    • Wash waters from intermediate animal by-product plants
    • Small scale treatment of waste by pyrolysis or gasification
    • Storage of waste incapacitant sprays
    • Small scale heat treatment of waste plastics for recovery
    • Denaturing of controlled drugs
  14. European Packaging recycling rates continue to increase
  15. EA suspends Permit at Worksop recycling plant
  16. Illegal WEEE export network fined over £220k
  17. Higher penalties start in Scotland for fly tipping and litter

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16-18 Sep 2014 - RWM Exhibition

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EA - Custodial sentence and fines for Arcwood for  excessive waste storage - 4 Mar
HSE - Reversing digger injuries cost Hampshire company £32k - 25 Mar


The prices below are an indication of available spot prices for PRNs with the previous newsletter price (10 Feb) in brackets if different. The next data to be published will be Q2 expected 22 April. This will then be followed by the first cut of obligated data by 15 May.

Paper - £0.85 
Glass Melt - £50 (£65)
Glass (aggregates) - £30 (£40)
Aluminium - £4.50
Steel - £12.50 (£4)
Plastic - £45
Wood - £1.50
Net recycling - £0.85 (0.60)
Net recovery - £0.50 (£0.50)

360 Environmental Ltd

Just a reminder that we can provide a range of waste compliance support including:

  • Permitting and Planning
  • Direct registration for Packaging Regulations
  • WEEE Direct Registration and Authorised Representative
  • Environmental Management Systems including 14001
  • Competence Management System (alternative to WAMITAB)
  • Compliance audits and due diligence
  • Zero waste audits
  • ABTO, AATF, AE accreditation
  • TFS
  • On site training

Details are generally on the website, but if you would like more information, please contact Phil Conran.


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