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  28th September 2016  

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Waste compliance training

The poor level of understanding of Duty of Care is increasingly coming under the spotlight. The CIWM/ESA Right Waste Right Place campaign is supported by the Agencies in trying to spread the word, but both waste producers and waste management companies often struggle to keep up to date with requirements. 

We run training courses on legislative compliance both at our office in Sileby, Leicestershire and at client sites. More information can be found here, but our next course in Sileby will be:


For further details or to book a place, please email info@360environmental.co.uk or call 01509 812052.

Recent 360 News articles (more here)

  1. EA final Fire Prevention Plan Bulletin
  2. EA issues notice of temporary closure of Definition of Waste Panel
  3. EA issues RPS defining waste catalytic convertors as hazardous
  4. Agencies update accreditation and BE requirements
  5. Edinburgh uncovers wide scale non-compliance with Duty of Care
  6. EA figures show increase in waste prosecutions
  7. Councils win waste collection VAT exemption case
  8. Inside Aylesford Newsprint site under dismantling and demolition
  9. Scottish household waste statistics show 44.3% recycling rate in 2015 
  10. Emma Howard Boyd named as new EA Chair
  11. WRAP launches household waste collection consistency report
  12. Bromley Waste4fuel site to be purchased by EA and Council
  13. Latest Enforcement Undertakings list shows £120k payment to Woodland Trust
  14. France bans plastic cups, plates and cutlery
  15. Welsh household recycling hits 60%
  16. ESA/CIWM Right Place Right Waste campaign 
  17. Biffa to float on LSE
  18. Report issued by Suez suggests Circular Economy could add billions to UK economy
  19. Scrap Metal cash ban starts in Scotland from 1 Sep
  20. Hamburg introduces Council procurement ban on 'polluting products'
  21. Defra publishes 2016 Digest of Waste and Resource Statistics
  22. SEPA publishes new strategy for 21st Century regulation
  23. New SEPA waste tyre regulations 30 Sep deadline looms
  24. EA 2015 data on regulated businesses in England
  25. Sweden to provide tax breaks on repairs
  26. Croydon recycling firm loses transport licence
  27. 74% not aware of new fly-tipping fixed penalty
  28. HSE publish Health and Hazardous Sunstances in waste and recycling leaflet
  29. HSE water and waste industry statistics

Useful links - more can be found here

Relevant open Consultations - details here

Events - details here

  • 12-16 Oct - LARAC Conference - Nottingham
  • 9 Nov - Fire Conference - London
  • 24 Nov - RDF Conference - London
  • 7 Dec - MRF Best Practice Conference - Birmingham
  • 12-14 Sep 2017 - RWM - NEC

Prosecutions - details here (apologies - bit of a list as this is the first newsletter since December 2015)


  • Property developer fined for not controlling waste - 28 Sep
  • Amey Cespa fined £50k over composting breach - 23 Sep
  • 30 weeks jail for 'notorious' Hants waste boss - 14 sep
  • Jail for Sussex waste boss over illegal 1200 tonne wood stockpile - 23 Aug
  • Starbucks fined £160k for leaving waste on street - 12 Aug
  • Two men sentenced for part in illegal waste site operation - 8 Aug6
  • Bradford waste firm ordered to pay £27,420 for environmental offences - 3 Aug
  • Lincolnshire removal man to pay £2,820 for illegally storing waste - 28 Jul
  • Man jailed for running illegal waste site - 27 Jul
  • Man fined for operating illegal waste site - 20 Jul
  • Dorset man narrowly escapes prison for running illegal waste oil site - 19 Jul
  • Leeds businessman receives record jail sentence over £2.2m recycling fraud - 18 Jul
  • North East man fined for waste offences - 15 Jul
  • Company director sentenced for waste offences across 2 counties - 11 Jul
  • Wakefield waste firm has permit revoked - 30 Jun
  • Somerset builder prosecuted for dumping and burning waste near Crewkerne. - 26 May
  • Ashford waste company employees fined £25,419 for waste crime. - 25 May
  • Cornwall recycling company fined for permit breaches - 20 May
  • Suspended prison sentence for illegal waste crimes - 19 May 
  • Buckland Newton Hire waste firm in Dorset ordered to pay more than £40,000 - 10 May
  • Kidderminster man sentenced for running illegal hazardous waste site - 27 Apr
  • Herefordshire man pleads guilty to waste offence - 25 Apr
  • Steaming waste and fly infestations lead to £370,000 bill - 22 Apr
  • Torpoint waste management company fined £14,000 - 20 Apr
  • Waste site owners ordered to clear site within 18 months - 20 Apr
  • Waste offenders pay for their crime - 15 Apr
  • Waste firm ordered to pay more than £1.2m for waste offences - 13 Apr
  • Company and director to pay over £30,000 for waste offences - 30 Mar
  • Imprisonment for Norfolk illegal waste owner - 21 Mar
  • Man handed £8800 penalty for operating illegal waste sites in Gloucestershire - 8 Mar
  • Scrapyard boss given suspended prison sentence - 19 Feb
  • Car scrap business owner fined by court - 23 Feb
  • Company fined for illegal waste offences - 9 Feb
  • Raid at Forest of Dean waste site - 4 Feb
  • West Midlands businessmen sentenced for operating illegal waste site - 22 Feb
  • Man ordered to pay over £16,800 for waste offences in Ludlow, Shropshire - 29 Jan
  • Oxfordshire company guilty of allowing waste crime - 26 Jan
  • Negligent Ampthill recycling centre director to pay £33,000 - 25 Jan
  • Durham farmer illegally spread waste on his land - 21 Jan


  • Builder fined £2k for depositing and burning waste - 12 Aug
  • Glasgow waste operator fined £550 (!) for multiple breaches of WML - 1 Jul
  • Directors given community payback order for illegal waste storage - 1 Jun
  • Glasgow food manufacturer fined £8.6k with £28.5k confiscation under POCA for non-registration with packaging regs - 8 Mar
  • Oran Environmental handed £345.5k confiscation for WML breaches - 15 Feb


  • Enniskillen man given suspended sentences for illegal deposit of 19k tonnes of waste - 26 Sep
  • £3k fine for illegal waste deposit - 19 May


  • Two companies fined over refuse collection vehicle fatality - 10 Jun
  • Nantwich recycling company fined for conveyor injuries - 26 May
  • Derbyshire waste company fined £136k for loading shovel death - 24 Feb
  • Scrap metal company fined £120k after fatality at recycling site - 2 Feb
  • Scrap metal company fined £20k for maintenance injury - 26 Jan


PRN prices have been sliding since Q2 data was published with further falls likely when Q3 data is published on 22 October.

Current t2e price below (to which trading fees must be added)

Paper - £0.70
Glass Melt - £12
Glass other - £11
Aluminium - £10
Steel - £6
Plastic - £14.50
Wood - £1.35
Net recycling - £0.70 
Net recovery - £0.50

360 Environmental Ltd

Just a reminder that we can provide a range of waste compliance support including:

  • Permitting and Planning
  • Direct registration for Packaging Regulations
  • WEEE Direct Registration and Authorised Representative
  • Environmental Management Systems including ISO14001
  • Competence Management System (alternative to WAMITAB)
  • Compliance audits and due diligence
  • Zero waste audits
  • ABTO, AATF, AE accreditation
  • TFS
  • On site training

Details are generally on the website, but if you would like more information, please contact Phil Conran.


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The man produces a third letter from his pocket.
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