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  1 June 2009  

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A very quiet week for waste related legislation.

360 News

Latest HMRC data shows sharp drop in tonnages to landfill 31 May 2009
The latest data just released by HMRC for March Landfill Tax receipts has shown a sharp drop in the amount of lower and standard rate tax tonnages landfilled in the first quarter of 2009.

Current Consultations

EA Management of Clinical Waste - 5 June
Defra Environmental Permitting Guidance - closes 29 July
Defra revised Duty of Care - 31 July


10 June - EA/WRAP Workshop on WEEE Exports - London Excel Centre
11 June - Recycling and Waste Forum - London Excel Centre
9 - 11 June - Futuresource waste and recycling exhibition - London Excel Centre
29/30 June - Tackling Waste - Nottingham University


If you receive an e-mail from the government telling you that you can catch Swine Flu from tinned chopped pork, don't worry - it's Spam

Joke (please forgive any offence!)

A guy was sitting in the bar in departures at a busy airport. A beautiful woman walked in and sat down at the table next to him. He decided, because she was in uniform, she was probably an off-duty flight attendant, so he decided to have a go at picking her up by identifying the airline she flew for, thereby impressing her greatly.
He leaned across to her and quoted the Delta Airlines motto 'We love to fly and it shows'.
The woman looked at him blankly.
He sat back to reconsider, then he leaned forward again and delivered the Air France motto 'Winning the hearts of the world'.
Again she just stared at him with a slightly puzzled look on her face.
Undeterred, he tried again, this time quoting the Malaysian Airlines motto 'Going beyond expectations'.
The woman looked at him sternly and said 'What the f*** do you want?'
'Ah!' he says, sitting back with a smile on his face. 'Ryan Air'

Newspaper clipping

Farmers have been advised to wear earmuffs when feeding pigs, to protect themselves from 'dangerously' loud squeals. The Health and Safety Executive says the noise of hungry pigs could be as damaging to hearing as that of a chainsaw or power drill, and suggests using mechanical feeders to avoid exposure altogether.