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  8th June 2009  

360 Newsletter

Another quiet week gone, but with an interesting one ahead.

Defra have published Guidance on the new Environmental Damage Regulations
Defra have also launched a consultation on guidance aimed at helping organisations to manage and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions
The European Environment Agency have issued a report showing the greenhouse gas performance of member states
WRAP have announced changes to their Board
The EU have issued a consultation on new rules for future auctioning of emission allowances under the Emissions Trading System

In the week ahead:

The WEEE Judicial Review takes place 9-11 June. With REPIC challenging the way the EU Directive was transposed and the way that the Regulations have been enforced, the JR has the potential to significantly alter the the current WEEE system whichever side 'wins'.
The new waste and recycling exhibition at the Excel Exhibition Centre, Futuresource, opens its doors on 10th June - Underground strike permitting. Run by CIWM and the ESA, it has replaced the annual Paignton jamboree and promises an extensive array of both exhibitors and seminars.

360 News

8 Battery Compliance Schemes apply for approval 3 JUNE 2009
Details are emerging of the schemes that have applied for approval under the Battery Regulations.

Current Consultations

Defra Environmental Permitting Guidance - closes 29 July
Defra revised Duty of Care - 31 July
Defra Guidance on measuring Greenhouse Gas Emissions - closes 7 August


11 June - Recycling and Waste Forum - London Excel Centre
9 - 11 June - Futuresource waste and recycling exhibition - London Excel Centre
29/30 June - Tackling Waste - Nottingham University
15 - 17 September - Recycling and Waste Management Exhibition - NEC


The following test was devised to determine the most appropriate department for staff:
Put them into a room containing 100 bricks and see what they are doing after one hour.
If they are counting the bricks - Put them in the accounts department.
If they are recounting them - Put them in auditing.
If they have messed up the whole place with the bricks - Put them in engineering.
If they are painting yellow lines around the bricks - Put them in H&S
If they are arranging the bricks in some strange order - Put them in planning.
If they are throwing the bricks at each other - Put them in construction.
If they are sleeping - Put them in reception
If they have broken the bricks into pieces - Put them in IT.
If they are sitting idle - Put them in human resources.
If they say they have tried different combinations, yet not a brick has been moved - Put them in sales.
If they have already left for the day - Put them in marketing.
If they are staring out of the window - Put them on strategic planning.
If they are organising a meeting to discuss the bricks - Put them in management
And if they are arranging share options on the bricks - Put them on the Board

From the Sunday Times...

"Oxo have produced a special black and white cube to mark Newcastle United's season" said columnist Kelvin McKenzie in The Sun. "It's called Laughing Stock."