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  29th June 2009  

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A couple things of interest:

Batteries collection clarified - 29 JUNE
Further clarification has been received from the Environment Agency on the ability for schemes to stockpile batteries prior to a target year.

Wales launches plastic bag tax consultations 29 JUNE 2009
The Welsh Assemply have launched a consultation into the implementation of a plastic carrier bag levy of between 5 and 15 pence.

Welsh C&I Waste Survey published 26 JUNE 2009
The Environment Agency have published the findings of a survey of waste arisings from the commercial and industrial sectors in Wales.

Other news

EA add a further four wastes to their Quality Protocols Project
Ireland pressing ahead with their incinerator levy
Foundry sand likely to lose lower rate landfill tax status
Sainsbury's to kill off carboard cereal boxes  
Conservatives plan to continue increasing landfill tax
Scottish Batteries Regulations published
Wales reaches 36% household recycling rate in 2008/9
Defra delay consultation on definition of municipal waste

Current Consultations

Defra Environmental Permitting Guidance - closes 29 July
Defra revised Duty of Care - 31 July
Defra Guidance on measuring Greenhouse Gas Emissions - closes 7 August
EA Standard Rules for EP Regulations - closes 28 August
Defra Implementation and enforcement of EuP - 4 September
Defra Adapting to Climate Change - closes 9 September
Welsh Assembly Single use carrier bag levy - closes 21 September


7 July - Use of Biogas and Biomass in CHP systems - London
15 - 17 September - Recycling and Waste Management Exhibition - NEC
7-8 October - LARAC Conference - Liverpool
20 October - letsrecycle.com awards - London


Recycling business that went bust and kept receiving waste fined £17k
The Big Prawn company fined £5.4k for failing to register under the Packaging Regs
Freshtime fined £20k for failing to register under the Packaging Regs
Aberdeen builder fined for water contamination
Strabane District Council fined £20.5k for waste offences


News item

A Chinese budget airline has applied for permission to sell cut price standing room only tickets.
Passengers would pay a reduced price to stand in the aisles during flights, reports IC Media.
Spring Airlines president Wang Zhenghua said tickets would go on sale as soon as the government agreed the proposals.
He said he was confident of government backing - as the idea had been suggested by China's vice premier Zhang Dejiang.
"He suggested that, for a lower price, passengers should be able to get on a plane like catching a bus, with no seat, no luggage consignment, no food, no water, but very convenient," said Wang.
He added that the company had consulted with Airbus, the company which built most of its aeroplanes, and had been told the proposals were safe.
"So once the government approves it formally, we'll try it," said Wang
Ryanair was unavailable for comment..........

Insurance claim

Dear Sir:
I am writing in response to your request for additional information in Block 3 of the accident reporting form. I put "Poor Planning" as the cause of my accident. You asked for a fuller explanation and I trust the following details will be sufficient.

I am a bricklayer by trade. On the day of the accident, I was working alone on the roof of a new six-story building. When I completed my work, I found I had some bricks left over which when weighed later were found to weigh 240 lbs. Rather than carry the bricks down by hand, I decided to lower them in a barrel by using a pulley which was attached to the side of the building at the sixth floor. Securing the rope at ground level, I went up to the roof, swung the barrel out and loaded the bricks into it. Then I went down and untied the rope, holding it tightly to insure a slow descent of the 240 lbs of bricks. You will note on the accident reporting form that my weight is 135 lbs.

Due to my surprise at being jerked off the ground so suddenly, I lost my presence of mind and forgot to let go of the rope. Needless to say, I proceeded at a rapid rate up the side of the building. In the vicinity of the third floor, I met the barrel which was now proceeding downward at an equally impressive speed. This explains the fractured skull, minor abrasions and the broken collarbone, as listed in Section 3 of the accident reporting form. Slowed only slightly, I continued my rapid ascent, not stopping until the fingers of my right hand were two knuckles deep into the pulley which I mentioned in Paragraph 2 of this correspondence. Fortunately by this time I had regained my presence of mind and was able to hold tightly to the rope, in spite of the excruciating pain I was now beginning to experience. At approximately the same time, however, the barrel of bricks hit the ground, and the bottom fell out of the barrel. Now devoid of the weight of the bricks, the barrel weighed approximately 50 lbs. I refer you again to my weight.

As you might imagine, I began a rapid descent down the side of the building. In the vicinity of the third floor, I met the barrel coming up. This accounts for the two fractured ankles, broken tooth and severe lacerations of my legs and lower body. Here my luck began to change slightly. The encounter with the barrel seemed to slow me enough to lessen my injuries when I fell into the pile of bricks and fortunately only three vertebrae were cracked. I am sorry to report, however, as I lay there on the pile of bricks, in pain, unable to move and watching the empty barrel six stories above me, I again lost my composure and presence of mind and let go of the rope...