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  14th September  

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SITA launch legal claim against GMWDA for failed PFI bid - 10 SEPTEMBER
In what seems to be a potential landmark case, SITA have lodged a claim for 'unlimited' sums following the award of the huge Manchester PFI waste contract to Viridor.

Other news

Planning Act 2008: SI and Guidance notes published
EA list of Low Risk activities NOT requiring an Environmental Permit
WRAP developed contruction waste recycling tracker tool available
Landfill ban research publication to be followed by consultation later in year
RSA launch DEFRA funded Environmental Awards scheme
Greenstar's parent obtains E120m debt refinancing
Tesco's achieve zero to landfill a year earlier than planned
EU energy sector statistics
Help for businesses to cut energy bills


No new consultations

Other current consultations

PRN Prices

We have a page on the website showing Quarterly prices and general price history for PRNs. In the newsletter, we will therefore just give any price swings that have occurred over the past week.
These should be taken as a guide only as prices may vary due to volume purchased, month of purchase etc. But they will not be far out. Figures shown are £/tonne.
Prices are unchanged from last week with steel seeming to have settled at around £120/tonne.

Material current price change on last week
Paper 3-5 0
Glass 22-26 0
Aluminium 60-65 0
Steel 110-120 0
Plastic 14-18 0
Wood 4-6 0
Net recycling 3-6 0
Net recovery 2-4 0


The 3 day Recycling and Waste Management Exhibition starts tomorrow at the NEC.

For details of the ones below, please go to the Events page on the website.

24-25 September - International Symposium on Healthcare Waste Management - London
29-30 September - The Carbon Show - Excel London
6-7 October - Scottish Waste and Resources Conference - Glasgow
7-8 October - LARAC conference - Liverpool
20 October - letsrecycle.com Awards Lunch - London

Prosecutions - previous weeks listed on website

New since last week

EA - 2k fine for car parts dealer selling on ebay - 9 Sep
NIEA - Car breaker fined £900 for waste offences - 8 Sep

Important dates coming up

30 September - Deadline for EA to announce approved Battery Compliance Schemes
15 October - Deadline for producer registration (or re-registration) under WEEE Regs
15 October - Deadline for producer registration under Batteries Regulations

360 Services

For many companies registered under the Packaging Waste and WEEE Regulations, this has been an expensive year. 360 can help you understand whether what you are paying is representative and reasonable. If you are considering your Packaging registration options for 2010, you will need to give notice to your existing scheme by the end of September. 360 can provide independent market advice on the most cost effective route to compliance. We can also provide a full compliance management service including the gathering of data and registration for 2010.


Newspaper clippings

There will be no more sniggering when someone orders a large portion of spotted dick at Flintshire's council canteen. The staff have changed the name of the traditional pudding's name to Spotted Richard. A council spokesman explained "Because of several immature comments from a few customers, catering staff have renamed the dish. They acted to put an end to unwelcome and childish comments."
Klaus Armstrong-Braun, a councillor on the north Wales authority said "This is political correctness gone mad."

Refuse authorities in West Sussex have failed to locate an elderly lady's life savings after she accidentally threw £12,000 out with the rubbish.
The woman, who lives in Worthing but hasn't been named, kept the bundle of £50 notes in a blue reusable shopping bag, according to the Daily Telegraph. However, when she inadvertently popped the cash into her wheelie bin, it promptly ended up at a landfill site near Horsham, where it's now lost under hundreds of tons of waste.
A team of 14 binmen delved unsuccessfully through tons of rubbish in search of the bag, but waste strategy manager Paul Willis concluded, "Unfortunately, there is no hope - the chances of finding it at landfill are zilch."
Willis also advised against going to search for the cash at the site, which receives around 100 tons of rubbish a day. "There is security and people won't be able to get past, " he warned. "There is also lots of heavy, dangerous machinery."

Environmentally conscious women are getting a buzz out of a new hand-cranked vibrator that makers say could help save the planet. The eco-adult toy - dubbed the Earth Angel - uses a small wind-up handle to power up rechargeable batteries inside the casing.
It had originally been planned as an aid for the Third World where batteries and electricity supplies are unreliable. But Irish manufacturers Camden Enterprises have been swamped with interest from Green followers after displaying the vibrator at an electronics fair in Linz, Austria, this week.
"We wanted to produce an environmentally friendly adult toy that appealed to all consumers regardless of gender, age or ethnicity. It has been in its development stage for the past two years and we are excited that our vision has become reality," said a spokesman.