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  1st March 2010  

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Consultation launched on shake up of Scottish waste regulation 26 FEBRUARY
The Scottish Government has launched a three month consultation on changes to waste management legislation.

Electrical retailer fined for illegal WEEE storage 26 FEBRUARY
A Halifax electrical discount retailer has been fined £4k for the illegal storage of WEEE collected on delivery of new products to households.

HMRC publish final 2009 Landfill Tax stats 23 FEBRUARY
HMRC have published the Landfill Tax statistics for December showing an overall drop for 2009 in waste attracting the tax, of 23% from 2008.

Other News

WRAP publish International Market Events presentations
Latest Energy trends monthly report published by DECC
APSWG 'Incentivising Community Buy-in' report published
Defra publish 'Regional Sustainable Development Indicators'

New Consultations

Scottish Government - Consolidation of the Waste Management Licensing Regulations - closes 21 May

Other current consultations here.


Q4 data is due out today, so keep an eye out on the website where we will do a quick summary as soon as it gets published.

Prices for last year shown here.

Current price guide - £/tonne

Paper - 2-3
Glass - 18-23
Aluminium - 20-25
Steel 25-27
Plastic - 5-7
Wood - 2-3
Net recycling - 2-3
Net recovery - 1-2

WEEE Evidence

As anyone seeking to try to market test the WEEE compliance costs charged by their Compliance Scheme will find, there are no transparent indexes available.

The prices below are an indication of what we believe are the lower end of the market, but we would welcome information from subscribers on what they are currently being charged to enable this to be updated. All information received will be treated in the strictest confidence. Please email Phil Conran.

LDA (Cat 1) - £0-20/tonne
Cooling (Cat 12) - £130-160/tonne
Displays (Cat 11) - £160-230/tonne
Mixed (Cats 2-10) - £60-120/tonne
Gas Discharge (Cat 13) - £1000-1500/tonne


Details of these and links to the organisers can be found on our website

20-22 April - Sustainabilitylive - NEC
31 May - World Recycling Convention and Exhibition
15-17 June - Futuresource Exhibition - London
14-16 September - Recycling and Waste Management Exhibition - NEC

Prosecutions - details here

EA -Komori hit with £20k fine - (24 Feb, but not yet on Agency site)
EA - Illegal breakers yard leads to £3.5k costs - 26 Feb
EA - Halifax electrical retailer fined £4k for illegal storage - 22 Feb
EA - £2.5k fine for illegal breakers yard - 22 Feb

Please visit

www.360environmental.co.uk for packaging, permitting and general compliance support
www.wastesupport.co.uk for our new EWC code finder, Batteries and WEEE protoicol calculators


Newspaper cuttings

A drink driver made a V-sign as he sped past a fellow motorist at 70mph, only to discover that he was Durham's police chief - who promptly arrested him. Chief Constable Jon Stoddart revealed that Tracy Kelsey, the hapless drunk, then sat on a pair of the officer's sunglasses in the chief constable's car and bent them.

A Swiss driver ended up down in the dumps - after plunging 30ft into a rubbish bunker at a green recycling centre. Police say the 65-year-old motorist hit the accelerator instead of the brake as he was backing up to the dump and shot off the edge into the trash below at the refuse centre in Bazenheid, Switzerland. Firefighters had to winch shocked Heiner Mollard to safety for treatment for cuts and bruises.
And to add insult to injury, Mollard was fined the equivalent of £50 by dump bosses for leaving an "inappropriate item" in a recyling bin.
A fire brigade spokesman said: "He really floored it - he smashed a metal gate out the way and drove over a nine inch safety barrier before falling down the chute."
Crane driver Andreas Baum who was moving rubbish around the site said: "I saw a flash of yellow - and suddenly this car was in the rubbish pit."