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  6th April 2010  

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Landfill Tax increases to £48/tonne 6 APRIL 2010
The standard rate of landfill tax increased to £48/tonne from 1 April, increasing the cost of the average wheelie bin by around 50p per lift.

Final 2009 packaging data published 31 MARCH 2010
The final cut of the 2009 packaging data has been published by the EA showing significant surpluses.

Other News

Government departments publish plans to tackle climate change
Carbon Reduction Commitment comes into force
WRAP publishes report on waste in the food and drink industries
SEPA publish maps showing all waste facilities in Scotland
Government proposals for Landfill Tax changes 1 Sept 2010
Staff in companies over 250 employees now have legal right to training
Defra report shows high level of SME's illegally disposing of waste through household bins
WRAP budget increases to £90m as it takes over other resource efficiency delivery agencies
EU CO2 emissions fall by 11% in 2009
Maine, USA, introduces blanket Producer Responsibility framework
EU packaging per capita rates published

New legislation

The Environmental Permitting Regulations 2010 for England and Wales come into force today - 6th April, applying the new waste Exemptions requirements. These are all listed alongside the old ones showing which is being replaced by what, on our WASTESUPPORT website. Anyone registering a new exemption from next Tuesday must do so under the new Regulations.

360 Environmental can provide a Exemption registration service as well as offering a full Environmental Permitting capability.

New Consultations

DECC - Consultation on grandfathering support for renewable energy processes - AD, Biomass EFW - closes 28 May

Other current consultations here.


The release of the Q4 and carry over data had little impact on prices other than a continued slide in steel. The data showed that there is unlikely to be any difficulty meeting this year's targets suggesting that prices will remain at the current levels for most of the year - unless there is another 2008-style crisis. Prices for last year shown here.

Current price guide - £/tonne (last week in brackets if there is a change)

Paper - 2-3 
Glass - 18-23 
Aluminium - 20-25 
Steel 15-17 (17-20) 
Plastic - 4-6 
Wood - 2-3 
Net recycling - 2-3 
Net recovery - 1-2

WEEE Evidence

As anyone seeking to try to market test the WEEE compliance costs charged by their Compliance Scheme will find, there are no transparent indexes available.
The prices below are an indication of what we believe are the lower end of the market, but we would welcome information from subscribers on what they are currently being charged to enable this to be updated. All information received will be treated in the strictest confidence. Please email Phil Conran.

LDA (Cat 1) - £0-20/tonne
Cooling (Cat 12) - £130-160/tonne
Displays (Cat 11) - £160-230/tonne 
Mixed (Cats 2-10) - £60-120/tonne 
Gas Discharge (Cat 13) - £1000-1500/tonne


Details of these and links to the organisers can be found on our website

20-22 April - Sustainabilitylive - NEC
31 May - World Recycling Convention and Exhibition
15-17 June - Futuresource Exhibition - London
14-16 September - Recycling and Waste Management Exhibition - NEC
13-14 October - Irish Recycling and Waste Exhibition - Dublin

Prosecutions - details here

EA - Scrap metal yard fined £6k for operating without EP - 30 Mar
EA - Builder given community service and £1k costs for fly-tipping - 29 Mar

Please visit

www.360environmental.co.uk for packaging, permitting and general compliance support
www.wastesupport.co.uk for our new EWC code finder, Batteries and WEEE protocol calculators


A king lives in a castle made entirely of grass. One day, he goes out shopping and sees an amazing new throne with gems, rubies and even a gecko on it, so out comes the American Express and he buys it. 
However, when he gets it home, he doesn't know what to do with the old one, so he says to his humble servant "You there, lower being, store this somewhere!". So the humble servant abides and puts it in the loft.
A few days later, the king is sitting on his new throne when all of a sudden, splat, he gets squashed by his old throne falling through the roof.
And the moral of the story is - don't stow thrones in grass houses.

(Really bad, but this is what we are reduced to with the lack of contributions.....!)

Newspaper clippings

A town mayor in Jordan is considering suing a local newspaper over an April Fools' Day report saying aliens had landed. 
Al-Ghad's front-page story said flying saucers flown by 10ft tall creatures had landed in the desert town of Jafr. It said communication networks went down and frightened townspeople fled into the streets, reports the BBC. Mayor Mohammed Mleihan said parents were so frightened they did not send their children to school. "Students didn't go to school, their parents were frightened and I almost evacuated the town's 13,000 residents," Mr Mleihan said. "People were scared that aliens would attack them." He immediately notified the security authorities, who he said combed the area looking for the aliens. They did not find any.
Al-Ghad's front page piece said the giant aliens had arrived on flying saucers lighting up the town. Moussa Barhoumeh, Al Ghad's managing editor, said the newspaper was simply having some good natured fun on April Fools' Day, and had apologised for any inconvenience caused. "We meant to entertain, not scare people," he said.

Public-sector employers are using cash prizes, cars and holiday vouchers to get staff to turn up to work. On average, workers in the private sector take 6.4 days off sick per year compared to 10.7 days in the NHS and 13.5 in local government. Liverpool firefighters who turn up every day are entered into a draw to win a Honda Jazz. And 37 postmen have won a new Ford Focus by clocking in each morning.