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  17th May 2010  

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2010 obligation data released  17 MAY
The EA have released the 2010 packaging obligation data calculated from the total data submitted by producers.

Environmental Permitting Exemption changes 14 MAY
The new Environmental Permitting Regulations have made some fundamental changes to Exemptions requirements.


EA publish FAQ on new waste Exemptions system
New REACH Guidance produced for companies that recover and recycle
EA publish Transitional Technical Competence Provisions for those requiring Permit who previously held Exemption

Standard Permits for Waste Operations listed on EA site
HSE produce asbestos handling fact sheet for retailers
NIEA produce waste Learning Tools for Food and Drink sector
Greenstar sale halted

New Consultations

No new consultations, but please note that the recent Packaging Regulations consultation closes next week.

Recent consultations here. 


Prices are very similar to last week although there does seem to be continued downward pressure generally. Today's obligation data may have an impact although this is likely to push most prices - other than glass - still lower. Prices for last years PRNs shown here.

Current price guide - £/tonne (last week in brackets if there is a change)

Paper - 1.70-2.50 (2-3) 
Glass - 18-23 
Aluminium - 16-20 (18-22) 
Steel 13-17
Plastic - 3-5 
Wood - 3-4 
Net recycling - 1.70-3 (2-3)
Net recovery - 1-2


Details of these and links to the organisers can be found on our website

31 May - World Recycling Convention and Exhibition - Istanbul
15-17 June - Futuresource Exhibition - London
24 June - Developing UK Biogas - Stoneleigh Park Nr Coventry
14-16 September - Recycling and Waste Management Exhibition - NEC
13-14 October - Irish Recycling and Waste Exhibition - Dublin

Prosecutions - details here

EA - Sand and gravel merchant ordered to pay £4.4k for illegally burning waste - 14 May
EA - Fly tippers prosecuted - 13 May

SEPA - Company Director fined £9k for illegal waste storage - 11 May
NIE - Businessman fined £k for waste storage offences - 10 May


Compliance Manager - Boston, Lincs - closing date 28 May
Site Manager Haz Waste Ops - Isle of Sheppey - closing date 28 May

360 Support

Could you be breaking the law? Try out our Compliance Health Check.

www.360environmental.co.uk for packaging, training and general compliance support. We have a range of support Associates specialising in Permitting and Planning. 
www.wastesupport.co.uk for our new EWC code finder, Batteries and WEEE protocol calculators. We also have a comparison table for the new Exemptions.


Newspaper clipping

Pagan police officers have been granted the right to celebrate eight 'religious holidays' a year, including Hallowe'en. It follows officiel recognition for the Pagan Police Association whose members follow practices such as dancing naked on the solstices and worshipping nature. "The government wants a police service that reflects the diverse communities it serves", said a Home Office spokesman.

Youtube clip of the week

A pilot is flying a small, single-engine, charter plane with a couple of really important executives on board into Seattle airport. There is fog so thick that visibility is 40 feet, and his instruments are out. He circles looking for a landmark and after an hour, he is low on fuel and his passengers are very nervous.

At last, through a small opening in the fog he sees a tall building with one guy working alone on the fifth floor. Circling, the pilot banks and shouts through his open window: “Hey, where am I?”. The solitary office worker replies: “You’re in an airplane.”. The pilot immediately executes a swift 275 degree turn and executes a perfect blind landing on the airport’s runway five miles away. Just as the plane stops, the engines cough and die from lack of fuel. The stunned passengers ask the pilot how he did it.

“Elementary,” replies the pilot, “I asked the guy in that building a simple question. The answer he gave me was 100% correct but absolutely useless; therefore, I knew that must be Microsoft’s support office and from there the airport is three minutes away on a course of 87 degrees.”