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  23rd May 2010  

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Defra budget to be cut by 5%
EA's CRC Registry now open
New Chief Executive at Biffa
Commission confirm no Biowaste Directive and therefore no separate collection targets
Defra Ministers announced - Lord Henley (who?) responsible for waste
European Parliament approves new energy labels for household appliances and low-energy buildings from 2020
Wives of self-employed should have similar maternity leave rights to employees
Report on German Environmentalo Economoy 2009 published

New Consultations

No new consultations, but please note that the recent Packaging Regulations consultation closes on 27th May.

Recent consultations here. 


Prices remain low with steel continuing to fall. Prices for last years PRNs shown here.

Current price guide - £/tonne (last week in brackets if there is a change)

Paper - 1.50-2.50 
Glass - 18-23 
Aluminium - 16-20 
Steel 10-12 (13-17)
Plastic - 3-5 
Wood - 3-4 
Net recycling - 1.50-3
Net recovery - 1-2


Details of these and links to the organisers can be found on our website

31 May - World Recycling Convention and Exhibition - Istanbul
15-17 June - Futuresource Exhibition - London
24 June - Developing UK Biogas - Stoneleigh Park Nr Coventry
14-16 September - Recycling and Waste Management Exhibition - NEC
13-14 October - Irish Recycling and Waste Exhibition - Dublin

Prosecutions - details here

SEPA - Illegal waste deposits cost man £1.6k - 18 May
NIEA - £500 fine plus confiscation order cost businessman £17k for flytipping 7,000 tonnes - 19 May
NIEA - Building contractors fine £550 plus £20k confiscation orders for 250 tonne flytipping - 19 May


Compliance Manager - Boston, Lincs - closing date 28 May
Site Manager Haz Waste Ops - Isle of Sheppey - closing date 28 May

360 Support

Could you be breaking the law? Try out our Compliance Health Check.

www.360environmental.co.uk for packaging, training and general compliance support. We have a range of support Associates specialising in Permitting and Planning. 
www.wastesupport.co.uk for our new EWC code finder, Batteries and WEEE protocol calculators. We also have a comparison table for the new Exemptions.


The following phrase was given to teenagers in different parts of the country. "John's girlfriend is really pretty. But she got mad with him the other day because he wanted to hang out with his friends rather than take her to the cinema. She got really angry and stormed off. It was very funny."

It was regurgitated as follows:

Swansea - "John's missus is flat out bangin'. But she was tampin' the other day 'cause he bombed her out for the boys instead of going to the cinema. She... started mouthing. It was hilarious."

W. Yorkshire - "Jonny's bird is proper fit and she got in a right beef the other day cos he'd rather chill with his mates than go to the cinema. She got stressed and did one. It was quality haha."

Lanarkshire - "John's burd is well stunnin'. She wis pure mental wae 'um the other day cos he wantit tae hing aboot wi 'is pals 'n no take hur tae the Showcase. She took a hissy 'n bolted. It wis well funny."

West London - "John's chick is proper buff but she switched on her man the other day 'cos he wanted to jam with his bred'rins instead of taking her out to the cinema. She was proper vexed and dust out. It was bare jokes."

N. Ireland - "John's girlfriend is pure stunnin'. But she was ragin' cos he dogged her out of it to got to the pictures with his muckers. She pure went into one and booted. It was some craic."

Surrey - "John's girlfriend is well fit. But... he wanna chill out wid his m8s rather than take her to the film. She got like well lairy and she legged it. LOL."

Newspaper clipping

London commuters were treated to an early morning eyeful on the Tube as naked models joined them on their journey to work. Passengers on the London Underground were shocked to see the men and women travelling without clothes.
The foursome, who covered their modesty with handbags and briefcases, attracted stares and gasps but acted as if the nothing was out of the ordinary. They were promoting a new Virgin TV series, The Naked Office, that shows workers at struggling companies turning their businesses around.
The six-part series investigates whether working naked will help employees to break down relationship boundaries by increasing positivity and productivity.
Steven Suphi, a behaviour change specialist, said that there was merit in the idea.
"For most people in the UK going to work in the nude is a very daunting prospect," she said. "I believe this extreme process will help them push their boundaries and become a close team that trust each other enough to get naked together.