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  6th September 2010  

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Hazardous Waste Training Course - 8th September
Do you need to understand the practical issues surrounding hazardous waste management and disposal?
Location: Sileby nr Leicester. Cost: £100/delegate
Other training courses available.

360 News

First prosecution of WEEE producer 06 SEPTEMBER
After 3 years of the WEEE Regulations, a producer has finally been prosecuted for both WEEE and Packaging offences.

Q2 Batteries data published 03 SEPTEMBER
The EA have published Q2 data for the amount of portable batteries placed on the market and collected.

Q2 WEEE data published 03 SEPTEMBER
The EA have published the WEEE data for the second quarter of 2010, showing household EEE placed on the market and both household and non-household WEEE collected.


Latest EA Netregs Environmental Update
East African Community bans exports of scrap metal
Europe reaches 72.2% paper recycling in 2009
Californian single use plastic bag legislation loses vote
German Government publish comprehensive energy management guide for companies

New Consultations - details here

Defra - Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) (Amendment) Regulations to transpose the directive on carbon capture and storage and to encourage anaerobic digestion - closes 26 November

EA - Horizontal Guidance Note H1 - Technical review - closes 25 Nov


Prices continue to gently slide on the spot market. However it must be recognised that whilst there have been some substantial spot trades, these are still very marginal in tonnage terms and do not necessarily represent the contractual deals that most schemes will be having to negotiate around. Previous years and earlier this year shown here. 

Current price guide - £/tonne (last week in brackets if there is a change)

Paper - 1-2  
Glass - 14-17 (15-18) 
Aluminium - 30-40
Steel 4-5 (4.50-6)
Plastic - 2-4
Wood - 1-2 (1.50-2.50) 
Net recycling - 1-2 (1.50-3)
Net recovery - 1-2

Material Prices

A quiet week, it seems. No reported change on last week. 
The prices below are an indication of current market values per tonne and are for large bales except glass. Previous (if change) in brackets.

Corrugated cardboard - £75-85
Plastic LDPE film - £255-265
Aluminium cans - £600-650
Steel cans - £90-100
Office paper - £135-145
Mixed glass - £20
Colour separated - £20-30


Details of these and links to the organisers can be found on our website

13-17 September - IFAT ENTSORGA 2010 - Munich
14-16 September - Recycling and Waste Management Exhibition - NEC
30 September - Fresh Horizons for Packaging Waste (catch up on Packaging Waste changes) - London

6-7 October - European Bioenergy Expo and Conference - Stoneleigh Park
13-14 October - Irish Recycling and Waste Exhibition - Dublin
3-4 November - LARAC Conference and Awards - Liverpool

Prosecutions - details here

EA - Wigan pie company ordered to pay £11.4k for failing to register under packaging regs - 3 Sep
EA - Company ordered to pay £30k for packaging and WEEE offences - 3 Sep
EA - Company director sentenced to two year conditional discharge for waste tyre offences - 3 Sep
SEPA - Tyre Disposal Services (Scotland) fined £600 for illegal waste tyre storage - 31 Aug


Severnside - Sales Representative nr Bristol - closes 10 Sep


New English words (Part 1)

Nonversation – a worthless conversation, wherein nothing is explained or otherwise Elaborated upon
Nudenda – an unhidden agenda
Oninate – to overwhelm with post-dining breath
Optotoxical – a look that could kill, normally from a parent or spouse
Parrotise – a haven for exotic birds especially green ones
Peppier – a waiter whose sole job is to offer diners ground pepper, usually from a large pepper mill
Percuperate – to prepare for the possibility of being ill
Pharming – the practice of creating a dummy website for phishing data
Polkadodge – the dance that occurs when two people attempt to pass each other but move in the same direction
Pregreening – to creep forwards while waiting for a red light to change
Quackmire – the muddy edges of a duck pond
Scrax – the waxy coating that is scratched off an instant lottery ticket
Smushables – items that must be pack at the top of a bag to avoid being squashed

Newsflash - Somerset have beaten Pakistan by 5 wickets at Taunton next Thursday

Newspaper clipping

Two women who were arrested after trying to take a dead relative on to a plane will not face charges.
Gitta Jarant and her daughter, Anke Anusic, were arrested at Liverpool John Lennon Airport when it emerged Curt Willi Jarant, 91, was dead. The women - his widow and stepdaughter - protested their innocence and said they thought he was asleep.

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) said they had insufficient evidence with which to charge the pair.
Mr Jarant, known as Willi, was wearing sunglasses in a wheelchair when staff checked his pulse and found no signs of life. He had been taken by taxi to the airport from their home in Oldham, Greater Manchester, by Mrs Jarant, 66, and 41-year-old Mrs Anusic. The family, who are German nationals, had been waiting to board a flight to Berlin.