Compliance audits

For both waste producers and operators of waste management facilities, keeping up to date with changes in waste legislation can be time consuming and complex. As sites develop and introduce change, they can also often move outside of their permitted activities and find that the approvals and registrations they had assumed met their needs had long become invalid.

And it is not just the compliance requirements for the site that must be considered. Duty of Care imposes a responsibility on all parts of the waste chain to ensure that waste is not only being handled correctly by themselves, but also by their collectors and disposal points.

This can be especially complex in the Healthcare sector where a combination of difficult wastes, multi-occupancy buildings and the use of brokers can lead to uncertainty. (see Case Study)

For waste producers, 360 can review all compliance aspects of both the waste service and the waste provider.

  • Duty of Care documentation and records
  • Waste carriers licenses
  • Waste storage
  • Internal containment and movement processes
  • External containers
  • Consignment procedures
  • Disposal site due diligence
  • Staff understanding and training needs
  • Waste hierarchy requirements
  • Broker registrations
  • Cost optimisation

360 Environmental can also provide in-depth analysis of all the waste compliance requirements faced by a waste management site.

  • Environmental Permits, Planning and Exemptions
  • Site registrations including AATF, reprocessor, ABTO, export accreditations, hazardous waste registration.
  • Producer responsibility registrations for Packaging,m WEEE and Batteries.
  • Environmental Permit quarterly returns.
  • Consignee returns
  • All incoming and outgoing waste transfer notes and hazardous waste consignment notes.
  • Disposal site environmental permits.
  • Animal By-products registrations and licenses.

The Environment Agency has recently clarified its priorities:

  • Reduce the number of illegal sites.
  • Reduce illegal exports.
  • Reduce illegal dumping.
  • Encourage waste producers to take responsibility.

Greater scrutiny will be applied to both waste facilities and waste producers to ensure that they understand their responsibilities and act in a way that is compliant with waste legislation. 

It is understood that they are also running campaigns to monitor compliance with hazardous waste, in particular, in the healthcare and construction sectors.

By using the 360 Compliance Audit service, businesses can rest easy in the kowledge that they will fully understand their compliance needs, shortfalls and solutions and will be able to avoid the threat of prosecution or other sanctions that the EA can now apply.

Further peace of mind can be provided by our on-going Compliance Support service.


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