Environmental Management Systems

The problem

Sites operating under the Environmental Permitting regime are required to have an Environmental Management System that:
  • Minimises the risk of pollution
  • Ensures the site has competent persons and appropriate resources
  • Provides ongoing records of compliance.
The EA is increasingly scrutinising sites to ensure these are in place and state that even where  a site has ISO14001, it does not guarantee permit compliance.

The solution

  • 360 Environmental has wide-ranging experience in the delivery of Environmental Permits.
  • It has a waste management industry background and understands its clients needs.
  • We have an excellent track record of successful applications and satisfied clients.
  • We can produce an EMS that matches the needs and budget of the site whilst fully satisfying the EA requirements.
  • The EMS will then be up-scalable to full ISO14001 when appropriate.
  • To produce the EMS, 360 will:
  • Review site documents and conduct a full gap-analysis
    • Develop, write and implement the system
    • Provide on-going maintenance support


The following would be included in the 360 Environmental EMS:
  • Environmental Policy
  • Operational plans and procedures
  • Maintenance plans and procedures
  • Accident Plan
  • Incident Plan
  • Non-conformance procedures
  • Closure Plan
  • Review Plan


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