EU Packaging waste directive amendments published

14 JUNE 2018

The EC has published the amendments to the packaging waste directive that follow on from the recent Circular Economy Proposals. These apply the new targets as well as change some definitions - including reference to compostable and bio-degradable packaging - and require Member States to bring into force the laws necessary to apply these requirements by 5 July 2020

This effectively sets the latest date for the start of the new packaging regulations as being 2021. To meet the requirements of the revised Waste Framework Directive, this will have to see a shift away from the marginal cost PRN system to a system that is able to recover from producers the full net costs of collection, transport and recycling of packaging waste. At present, it looks likely that this will only apply to packaging in municipal waste. Current estimates put this cost at £500m+ compared the the annual PRN cost of £50-100m.