Defra publishes waste crime consultation responses and FPN for household DoC

05 JULY 2018

Defra has published two consultation related documents.

Reducing crime at sites handling waste, and introducing fixed penalties for waste duty of care - responses have been published to the consultation that closed on 26 March and covered the tightening of controls on permitted sites, reform of the Exemption system and householder awareness of Duty of Care. The government's responses will not be published until the Autumn, but the direction of travel is fairly clear for most of the issues with the high percentage support shown. In particular, it is clear that the exemptions most used to avoid Environmental Permits will see volumes reduced to make them almost unusable. It also suggests that there will be a maximum 18 months for exempt sites to meet the new requirements.

Consultation on the household waste duty of care - the above consultation included proposals for a new Fixed Penalty regime for householders not complying with Duty of Care. This further consultation considers updated guidance for householders on meeting the duty of care and new guidance for English local authorities on issuing proposed fixed penalty notices.