Wales consult on mandatory separation of waste by businesses

22 NOVEMBER 2019

The Welsh Government is consulting on the introduction of a number of measures that will directly impact on business waste producers in Wales. They will:

  1. Require the occupiers of non-domestic premises to present certain recyclable materials for collection separately
  2. Ban certain separately collected recyclable materials from incineration and landfill
  3. Ban the disposal of food waste to sewer from business premises
  4. Make civil sanctions available for associated criminal offences.

1 and 3 are very similar to what is already in place in Scotland, but at the moment, Wales seems to be the only part of the UK considering any bans on waste to incineration.

The recent Defra consultations are likely to apply 1 by 2023 and 4 is already in place in England. 

The consultation ends on 13th December.