EA issues TFS notifications guidance in the event of no-deal Brexit

08 FEBRUARY 2019

From: Askshipments <>
Sent: 08 February 2019 12:45
To: Askshipments <>
Subject: International Waste Shipments - EU Exit Update

Dear Notifier,

Update on changes to your waste shipment notification(s) when the UK leaves the EU

We contacted notifiers in December to provide an update on the continuity of consented notifications.  As you will be aware we have been in touch with European Union (EU) competent authorities of destination and transit in order to obtain approval to ‘roll over’ consents without the need for a new notification. 

We have received positive responses from all competent authorities relevant to your consented export notifications. (As of 08/02/19, this does not apply to Spain who have still not consented).

We have written to EU competent authorities to confirm that your consented export notifications will remain valid after 29 March 2019.  As notifications will effectively be ‘rolled over’ you will not receive a new notification and the end date of your consented notification will remain unchanged.  There will be no fees to pay.

For all notifications, you must provide customs office details for entry and exit points for the EU, there is therefore a new requirement to submit this information for UK / EU notifications after we leave the EU. A customs office search can be completed on the following link:

This information must be sent to all competent authorities involved in your notification(s), including the UK competent authority, the destination EU competent authority and all transit authorities.

We have created the attached template for you to provide the required customs details. Please complete a template for each of your notifications and send a copy of the details to all of the concerned authorities for each individual notification by 1st March 2019.  If the requested information has not been received by all relevant authorities shipments will not be permitted on the notification.  Details can be sent to the Environment Agency by email: or by post to Environment Agency, Richard Fairclough House, Knutsford Road, Warrington WA4 1HT

For notifications to import waste from the EU, our view is that the UK’s change in status from a member state to a third country does not require a new notification. However, we recommend that you contact the EU dispatch authority to confirm their approach.


Whilst the government aims to leave the EU with a deal, in the event of a no deal, arrangements at ports/customs remain unclear. It would be prudent to review options for managing your waste should delays at ports occur. If you are likely to be seeking permissions for additional storage you are invited to contact your local Environment Agency office as soon as possible.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at or by calling 07500100920 if you would like to discuss any of this further.

Kind regards

International Waste Shipments Team
Operations Regulatory Service, part of Operations – Regulation, Monitoring and Customer
Environment Agency | Richard Fairclough House, Knutsford Road, Warrington WA4 1HT