Scotland announces intention to bring in DRS in 2020

16 MAY 2019

The Scottish Government has announced the intention to introduce a Deposit Return Scheme (DRS) in 2020, publishing the necessary legislation later this year. 

Their proposal is to apply a 20p deposit to all types of PET plastic, aluminium, steel and glass drinks containers below 3 litres other than milk with the requirement for all retailers of such drinks to provide take back.

This is obviously particularly relevant to the UK as a whole given the consultations issued by Defra in February for DRS in England, Wales and N Ireland.

And on that note, a reminder that the 3 Defra consultations (DRS, Producer Responsibility and Consistency) close on MONDAY 13th MAY whilst the Plastic Recycling Content Tax consultation published by the Treasury closes THIS SUNDAY (12th MAY). Details can be found on our news page.