Q2 packaging recycling data published

22 JULY 2019

The Q2 recycling data has been published revealing a mixed position that makes it difficult to determine the likely outturn for 2019.

The table at the bottom shows the data relative to the net (current) obligation taking account of carry forward PRNs from 2018.

Whilst most materials are safe relative to their targets for 2019, plastic and aluminium remain of concern with both showing lower levels of recycling that had been predicted following publication of the monthly data a couple of weeks ago. This is further exacerbated by the fact that the obligated tonnage is likely to see significant growth from producers who have not yet registered such as Sainsbury's. However, despite the position being tighter than might have been hoped - given how much producers have had to pay for PRNs this year -  the table shows the average tonnage needed in Q3 and Q4 to meet targets as being well under what was produced in Q2. This would suggest that even with the likely increases from the missing producers, the 2019 targets will be met.

The table below shows the split between UK reprocessing and exports and it is certainly encouraging to see the growth in UK recycling with the Q2 figure being 15k tonnes higher than the same time last year. But with exports still contributing 58% to overall plastic recycling data, there is a long way to go.