All MS have agreed to roll over notifications from 31 October

24 JULY 2019

Email received today from EA Waste Shipments Department

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UK notified waste shipments and EU exit

On 11 April 2019, the UK government obtained an extension to delay the exit of the UK from the European Union (EU) until 31 October 2019.

The UK competent authorities can confirm that we have secured an agreement with our EU counterparts that all UK consents for shipments of notifiable waste that go beyond 31 October 2019 will be rolled over in the event of a no-deal exit.  As part of this agreement details of customs office of entry into the EU and, if relevant, the customs office of exit from the EU must be provided to all relevant competent authorities of dispatch, destination and transit.

UK competent authorities will be contacting UK notifiers in the coming weeks to remind those that have not yet provided customs office details, for each consented notification, that this information is required in order for notifications to remain valid.

If you are an exporter, you will need to make yourself aware of the EU customs guidelines and the EU Waste Shipment Regulations. These explain the rules for EU waste imports from outside the EU.

Whilst the government aims to leave the EU with a deal, in the event of a no deal, it would be prudent to review options for managing your waste should delays at ports occur. If you are likely to be seeking permissions for additional storage you are invited to contact your local Environment Agency office as soon as possible

Read the latest guidance on importing and exporting waste in the event of a no deal exit from the EU here.

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