New market surveillance rules for suppliers into EU

16 AUGUST 2019

The EU has introduced new Regulations that will, from 16 July 2021, require all suppliers of products into the EU (other than those exempt below) to have an 'economic operator' within the EU to ensure that those products meet EU controls and are subject to EU legislation such as producer responsibility.

This seems to be primarily aimed at on-line suppliers - including those that carry out a fulfilment services - who supply direct to the end consumer in the destination country. 

Member states will be required to have market surveillance authorities who will have the necessary powers to enforce this requirement.

Whether this will just affect UK businesses supplying the EU or whether any withdawal agreement will see it being applied to products entering the UK would seem uncertain at present, but this does seem to address the concerns over large amounts of product supplied through the big online platforms such as Amazon and ebay falling out of producer responsibility. 

The following appear to be exempt:

'manufactured products other than food, feed, medicinal products for human and veterinary use, living plants and animals, products of human origin and products of plants and animals relating directly to their future reproduction.'