Government publishes revised Environment Bill

30 JANUARY 2020

As has been widely publicised, the Government has now put its revised Environment Bill before Parliament with an expectation that is will be passed into Law in the late summer/early autumn.

The Bill provides enabling legislation for the Government to apply a wide range of powers including the setting up of an Office of Environmental Protection which in theory, should apply the same level of accountability to the UK's environmental performance as the European Commission does but there is some cynicism over this given that the members of the OEP will be appointed by Government.

Of particular interest in this latest version of the Bill are the new powers being proposed to regulate imports and exports of waste. These will effectively enable the Government to ban certain types of waste from being exported to particular countries and will also apply powers to the Agencies to charge for any costs incurred in their regulatory activities for imports and exports. Paras 533 to 555 of link 3 below explain this is detail.

Of course, there may be changes along the way as it progresses through the Parliamentary process, but it is hard to imagine it not being approved pretty much as it is.