Government publish 2021/22 packaging targets

09 NOVEMBER 2020

The government has finally announced the 2021/22 packaging waste targets. It should be noted that as stated in last year's consultation, in line with the EU Directive targets, they do not include an overall recovery target. This means that waste to energy sites cannot be accredited and will not be able to issue PRNs after this compliance year.

The targets were broadly agreed in the middle of last year and have not been adjusted to take Covid into account. For plastic, for instance, there is expected to be a significant fall in the amount placed on the market this year which will therefore lead to a reduced level of obligated tonnage in 2021. The 2% increase in the target is therefore unlikely to see a rise in plastic PRN demand in 2021 although there should then be a big jump in 2022. Assuming Covid restrictions have ended by then....

The wood target drop may seem puzzling, but these have been reset to bring them in line with EU levels, currently being well above them due to some erroneous UK target setting back in 2016.

The targets can be found here.