First cut of packaging obligated data published

16 MAY 2020

The first cut of the obligated data of packaging placed on the UK market in 2019 as reported by producers for registration in April has been published. This data determines the demand for PRNs for 2020 and will be considered in relation to the published recycling data  to determine the likely tightness of the market and therefore the price of PRNs.

The national obligation - the actual amount of PRNs required - is calculated by applying the targets to the obligated data. However, the data just published only reflects what has so far been reported by producers. Each year, about 94% of the final number of registrants register on time, but this year, there has been a significant drop. This means that with 10% probably still to register, the final obligation is likely be higher although this time, given that all the big supermarkets have registered, the increase may not be as high as usual.

The table below shows the comparison of the latest obligated (before targets are applied) data with the data published at the same time last year and then the final 2019 position at the end of the year.

Some points to note:

  • Number of registrants well down on the same time last year.
  • Glass obligated is not far short of the final position for 2019.
  • Aluminium obligated and target are well ahead of the final 2019 position.
  • The others are all significantly down on obligated tonnage.
  • But wood is already well ahead of the 2019 target due to the big target increase.
  • And the target figures below don’t take account of carry forward.