EA publishes WEEE POPs guidance documents

11 JUNE 2020

The EA has published four documents providing guidance on the classification and management of WEEE contaning POPs. These will shortly be supported by a letter that will be sent out to a list of all those the EA believes this will be relevant to eg AATFs, T11 sites, collectors, waste companies etc.

The Agency has indicated that they will be expecting compliance with these changes at the back end of the summer but potentially, they will have a significant impact across the whole WEEE supply chain.

  • For collectors, apart from large non-hazardous white good, all WEEE will have to be classed as hazardous according the EWC codes highlighted in the 'Classify different types of electrical and electronic waste'.
  • For the reuse sector, the guidance states that pre-2009 WEEE cannot be reused and post-2009 WEEE can be reused, but only in the UK.
  • For AATFs, WEEE plastic containing POPs has to be destroyed by high temperature incineration, adding cost and reducing recycling rates.

The guidance documents are as follows:

This guidance only applies to England with devolved Agencies expected to issue their own guidance.