EA Quality Protocols review timetable to slip


Over the years, the EA has approved a number of Quality Protocols to determine when waste can be considered to have been turned back into product. This has enabled many companies to be able to use waste as a raw material or to put it back to beneficial use and is very much in line with the aims of the Circular Economy.

The EA has provided an update on the timetable for their QR review. This is hugely important for many people using these protocols as this review may well lead to some protocols having to be revised or removed altogether as indicated below.

The EA has provided the following information:

Below is a list of the QPs, the original start date for the initial reviews, the current revised start date and an estimated finish date for the initial assessment of the protocols. These timescales should be treat these as a guide only.

This is the timetable for the initial reviews of whether the EA can continue to support the current QP as it is currently written. If any revisions would be needed to the QP, and assuming the relevant industry sector is prepared to fund it, any actual revision will start after that.   Depending on the nature of the revisions, that could take somewhere in the order of 6 months.