EA issues revised Fire Prevention Plan Guidance

11 JANUARY 2021

The EA has updated their Fire Prevention Plan Guidance following discussion with the waste industry last year. It is difficult to identify the changes at first glance as they are not highlighted so we have provided the marked up changes to the original that were circulated for comment back in July. Some of these were amended following discussion, but the majority have been applied.

The revised guidance clarifies and strengthens many areas in the previous guidance and for many sites, it will add significantly to the burden of getting a FPP approved and then maintaining it. It will apply to any site making a new permit application ar submitting a variation but sites with an existing FPP will not be asked to resubmit under the new guidance although they will be expected to comply with it. Sites that have not yet been told they must operate under the published guidance will still only be required to do so if they transfer a permit, there is a fire incident at the site or there is considered to be a serious risk of a fire occurring.

 Some of the key changes:

  • The need for firewater to be tested before disposal where there is a risk of POPs.
  • Battery storage requirements more detailed.
  • ELV depollution fire prevention measures more specific.
  • Consideration must be given to seasonal changes and hot and dry weather.
  • Further clarity on the 6m separation rule.
  • Further clarity on fire detection and suppression requirements and water supply.