Turkey applies new import controls for waste

19 JANUARY 2021

Turkey has submitted new import controls to the OECD Secretariat which will have significant ramifications for UK waste exporters.

Unfortunately, the documents have only been submitted in Turkish, but the links below take you to an English version from Google translate. 

Turkish waste management control requirements which outline principles, responsibilities and duties

Specific Turkish import restrictions which determine what can be imported. Article 9 refers to:

The list of wastes to which conformity inspections are applied and the EWC codes that are prohibited. This document is not translated other than the Annex 1 and 2 headings, but includes, for instance, 19 12 04 - plastic from the mechanical sorting of waste.

The new controls came into force from 1 January 2021.

There have also been indications that they have banned plastic waste that consists of mixed polymers, a move that would go beyond the new Basel convention changes that ban the export of mixed polymers that include polymers other than PE, PP and PET. However, confirmation of this has been hard to find. If anyone has further information on this, it would be most welcome.

We have produced a summary of the Basel changes as they are thought to apply at the moment.