Q3 packaging data published

26 OCTOBER 2021

The EA published the Q3 data on Friday 22nd October which, as expected, showed that all materials are heading towards meeting the targets with one anomaly - glass for melt applications. This has been reflected in PRN prices since the data was published which has seen the price for glass remelt PRNs climb to £85/tonne on t2e. 

The table above shows the tonnage needed in Q4 to meet the current target demand although it must be stressed this could rise as there are still 400 less companies registered than in 2020. The potential to lose a lot of December tonnage into carry over for next year must also be taken into account. Hence the potential difficulties with glass melt which it can be seen is running tight. 

The split between export and UK reprocessing below shows the fall in plastic that has occurred through the problems with exports to Turkey this year. The graph below that indicates the scale of that fall which fortunately, despite Boris's assertion that recycling doesn't work, has been propped up by a growth in UK recycling.