Regulations determining the export of B3011 under Article 18 to non-OECD countries

02 JULY 2021

The regulations that amend Regulation 1418/2007 and will allow B3011 plastic waste to be sent to non-OECD countries under green list controls has been laid before Parliament.

Assuming no objections from MPs or Lords, this will come into force on 28 July. However, if any objections arise that require debate, there is little likelihood this will happen before the Parliamentary summer recess that starts on 22 July and we would be unlikely to see the regulations in force until the Autumn.

It should be noted that:

  • Only the change only applies to those countries listed that state that B3011 is now substituted/accepted.
  • That local controls still have to be considered eg Malaysia will allow B3011, but they have stated that all plastic exported to them must be subject to pre-inspection by an approved body before containers are loaded.