EA produces guidance on end of waste exports

29 JULY 2021

Following the ban on the import of plastic waste into Turkey, the EA has seen a surge in containers with what the exporters are claiming to be plastic waste that has been processed to no longer being waste and therefore not subject to waste export controls. In most cases, this seems to be plastic that has been through a shredding or granulation process and turned in flake that it's claimed will be used as a raw material.

However, the EA only recognise end of waste flake on material that has been through the Non-Packaging Plastic Protocol (NPPP) which is applied to packaging as well as non-packaging, just to confuse things. There is also the issue of whether destination country authorities recognise flake as end of waste and in our experience, very few do.

The EA has therefore produced guidance for exporters to be able to check the validity of their end of waste claims. The document is 17 pages of fairly intense reading but for anyone looking to export processed plastic that they believe is no longer waste, it provides a very good explanation of the EA requirements and the NPPP process.