Regulations now in force allowing B3011 plastic waste green list exports to certain non-OECD countries

29 JULY 2021

A regulatory amendment has now come into force allowing the export of B3011 plastic waste to certain non-OECD countries under green list. This lifts the restrictions applied from 1 January which saw one of the UK's biggest export markets for plastic packaging waste, Malaysia, requiring export under notification procedures.

The new regulation lists the countries to which this material can now be exported under green list and the restrictions those countries have applied. Any country that did not respond to Defra's request for approval is not on the list and exporters must therefore use the prior informed consent notification procedures for B3011.

The EA has issued guidance this morning (29 July) for exporters to non-OECD, especially Malaysia who have imposed a raft of local controls that exporters will have to comply with.