First cut of packaging obligated data published

15 MAY 2017

The first cut of the data reported by producers has been published on NPWD along with the monthly breakdown of Q1.

So far, the Agencies have 6671 registrations compared with 7008 by the end of 2016 so there are clearly still a significant number of companies to submit their data although it tends to be the smaller companies that are late registering.

The table below shows the comparison of the final obligated tonnage for 2016 with the latest data suggesting that the amount of packaging used in 2016 is likely to be pretty much the same as 2015 across all materials.

When you apply the targets and deduct the carry forward PRNs from 2016, the net obligation for 2017 looks easily achievable recognising that there will still be some growth.

The monthly breakdown of the Q1 recycling data has also been published. There have been widespread concerns as to the impact of market conditions on plastic, but whilst March was significantly down, February had seen a strong increase and the position when related to the obligated data still looks reasnably comfortable.