EC instructions released for completing Annex VII document

20 JUNE 2017

Correspondent guidelines No.10 has been released to represent a common understanding of all Member States on how Regulation (EC) No.1013/2006 on shipments of waste should be interpreted.  The guidelines apply from 12 July 2017.

All parties who use the Annex VII form to export specified wastes under Article 18 controls should read these guidelines.  The guidelines provide:

  • Instructions for completing the Annex VII document
  • A template Article 18 contract

Whilst this document does not change the detailed required on the Annex VII, it does confirm how the Annex VII should be completed i.e names of persons signing the Annex VII should be in capital letters, date should be in six-digit format and also confirms what information should be provided in each block of the form.  Please read pages 4-7 for a comprehensive list.

With regards section 2.2 (7) and 2.2 (8) of the guidelines and the interpretation that the ‘person who arranges the shipment’ must be ‘under the jurisdiction of the country of dispatch’, the Environment Agency and devolved competent authorities have confirmed that as long as a foreign company is registered as a broker or dealer with one of the competent authorities in the UK, then they are under the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom.