Packaging Waste Regulations Support

The Packaging Waste Regulations have been in place in the UK since 1997. Some 6,800 businesses are registered although it is likely that there are still many more that are obligated but have not yet registered.

By April each year, obligated businesses should be registered with the environmental Agencies, either direct or through a compliance scheme. This creates an annual burden of data gathering to ensure that they supply the weight of packaging handled in the previous year 'as accurately as reasonably possible'.

For many businesses, there are challenges.

  • It is time consuming, especially for businesses with multiple sites
  • It is often complex understanding scope and satisfying accuracy requirements 
  • There are often issues with maintaining continuity
  • Businesses find it difficult to determine market competitiveness
  • It is potentially costly both financially and legally
 How can 360 help?
  • Legal compliance. We can ensure all parts of the business are properly registered
  • Administration reduction. We can take on part or all of the burden of administering your registration
  • Data collation. We can take on the gathering of data from business units
  • Systems support. We can help develop systems solutions to gather data
  • Total outsource. We can take responsibility for managing your complete Packaging Regulations burden
  • Market tracking. We can provide completely impartial advice on your existing scheme fees
  • Legal updates. We can provide regular updates on changes to the Packaging Regulations and other areas of waste legislation that may affect our clients
  • Training. We provide expert training on the Regulations and data that can be provided at our offices or at a client's location.
We are also, where appropriate, able to help businesses that have not previously registered to submit Enforcement Undertakings under the Civil Sanctions regime that avoids the costs and stigma of prosecution. We have a number of successful EU's that have been submitted and can help businesses through the whole process.



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