Permitting and Planning

360 can provide a full support service for Permitting under the Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) Regulations 2010:

'We initiated the services of Vicki Cooper at 360 Environmental in November of 2010 for the application of two sites in relation to planning and permitting. I can confirm that we are very happy with the advise and submission that Vicki has completed over the two applications, and would not hesitate to utilise her services in future as she has portrayed a very professional and knowledgeable attitude towards both submissions with the successful application of one site and the pending application of the second site.' - Sarah Raymond, Business Manager, Palm Recycling Ltd

For a full list of 360 Environmental Permit and Planning applications, see Case Studies.

Please see FLYER for more information.
  • Support to ensure you have the correct Exemption
  • Prepare and submit the registration
  • Liaise with the relevant environmental Agency
  • Send you a renewal reminder email to ensure you remain compliant
  • Updates on regulatory changes
  • Review of current operations to assess whether the site is compliant
  • Fully managed application service for Standard or Bespoke permit
  • Completion of an Environmental Accident Management Plan
  • Liaison with enforcement and local authorities
  • Planning requirements handled
  • Support to vary, transfer or surrender a permit
  • Updates on regulatory changes
  • Competence Management System Certification

  • Provide support to establish local authority position on waste facility requirements
  • Full planning application service
  • Liaison with enforcement and local authorities
  • See our Planning Services page for full details

These services can be provided for all regulated facilities including:

  • An installation that carries out an industrial, waste or intensive farming activity listed in Schedule 1 of the Regulations
  • A waste operation that is not carried out at an installation, i.e a waste transfer station
  • An aircraft dismantling site requiring either a full bespoke Permit with the necessary Planning or a mobile plant permit
  • A mobile plant carrying out either a Schedule 1 activity or a waste operation, i.e treating waste soils
  • A mining waste operation where extractive waste is managed and which may or may not include a mining waste facility

For Farms

360 Environmental can offer a range of services to help farmers to comply with new Permitting requirements and meet the deadlines for transition to the new regime.

  • Review a farm’s waste activities, and advise how and when to move across to the new system.
  • Advise on how the old exemptions correspond to the new system.
  • Register exemptions for farmers, ensuring the correct selection and submission of paperwork.
  • Track Exemption renewal dates.
  • Provide farmers with online status report on Exemptions.
  • Prepare planning documentation and deal with Local Authorities.
  • Complete applications for standard and bespoke environmental permits.
  • Provide advice and ongoing support to help farmers to comply with permits.

We have extensive experience in these areas, and with a background in waste, recycling, and farm regulation, understand the key issues for both clients and authorities.

The 360 Solution provides:
  • Peace of mind from knowing that applications and registrations will be submitted correctly, first time.
  • Transparency with online access to progress and status reports.
  • Value through streamlined processes and detailed knowledge.
  • Experience through in-house skills and supporting Associates.


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