Registration services

Waste legislation now demands a wide range of registrations for almost any company that deals with waste. And the Environment Agency Public Register enables anyone with internet access to look up details of registrations to ensure that they are operating with compliant organisations - or not.

So ensuring that your business is properly registered for all regulatory requirements is essential in safeguarding both your business and your reputation.

However, ensuring that you are properly registered can sometimes be complex and time consuming. 360 is therefore able to assist businesses to ensure they are properly registered to meet their waste regulation obligations.

The following are simple registrations that ce be provided quickly and cost effectively.

  • Hazardous waste site registration
  • Waste Carriers License
  • Exemptions

More complex registrations include:

  • Producer, reprocessor and exporter under the Packaging Regulations
  • AATF and AE under the WEEE Regulations
  • Small producer, ABTO and ABE under the Batteries Regulations

We also operate an online Compliance Database that businesses can subscribe to to maintain their registrations and to provide automated warnings when renewals are due.


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