Producer Responsibility

Packaging compliance market testing

When did your last carry out a market evaluation on its compliance costs?

360 has identified significant cost savings for companies registered under the Packaging Waste Regulations by evaluating their existing membership fees and PRN charges and providing a comprehesive comparison against others in the market.

This assessment would be carried out in complete confidence using existing data to provide a range of costed options including directly registering with one of the environmental Agencies.

Although the opportunities to review WEEE options has passed, 360 can also provide an assessment of WEEE scheme costs for future reference.

For more information, contact Phil Conran.

Packaging data calculation and management

For many companies, the responsibility for compiling packaging data tends to be added to someone's day job and can often be extremely onerous and time consuming.

360 are experts on all aspects of packaging data and can take much of the burden away from companies by providing a range of data options.

  • Calculation of data - we can assess the weights of packaging through sampling and existing databanks to enable the registration tables to be completed.
  • Data accuracy check - we can review data prior to submissions to ensure the data is to the required accuracy and set out correctly in the appropriate tables.
  • Data management - 360 will take on the complete management of a producer's data fromstarting the process within a company to gather the relevant data to submitting the data and managing ongoing contact with a producer's compliance scheme, completely removing the annual headache of data from the company.
  • Obligation review - we can also carry out a full review of data to establish opportunities for reducing packaging use and saving cost in relation to the Regulations.  

For more information, contact Phil Conran.

Batteries Regulations Registration

Small producers that expect to place less than one tonne of portable batteries onto the UK market and those placing industrial and autmotive batteries onto the UK market must be registered by 12 November 2009 and then supply data in 2010.

360 can provide a complete Batteries Registration service for these producers for the fixed sum of £200 + vat to ensure they are fully compliant and don't have to worry about the process.

More information can be found here or by contacting Phil Conran.