Waste Audits

Waste has been subject to enormous cost increases in recent years, especially because of the increase in Landfill Tax. For non-inert waste, this stands at £80/tonne and will rise by RPI on 1 April each year. Regularly increasing operational costs can only add to this and lead to steadily rising service prices.

There are also increased regulatory pressures to segregate wastes and maximise recycling opportunities that businesses may not be aware of.

Businesses are often given little advice by their waste management company on ways to optimise their waste practices and to minimise cost. Consequently, many businesses are not only doing little to improve their environmental position, they are often paying far more than they need to because they have never challenged their waste company or tested the market.
360 can provide complete waste audits. These can cover waste practices and compliance issues and lead to a comprehensive report and recommendations to minimise cost, maximise recycling and ensure full compliance.

In many cases, we can also organise compositional analysis of particular waste streams to enable more detailed recommendations to be given on alternative management processes.